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    27 August Epiphany!


    As I was sitting here early this morning I had an epiphany of sorts (guess Sunday is a good day for that, eh?) I have not been writing much lately, but have been visiting daily. My excuse has been ?crazy-busy? at work, ?no light at the end of the tunnel? yadda-yadda- yadda. As I was working it out in my mind at church later, I decided - since when is work more important than taking care of me and my health! I have been too busy to take supps on time, topa, etc. ? forget exercising! So ? I have decided if I don?t slow down and do this for me then everything else, work, my sweet husband and family and everything else will suffer. Today is a brand new day and a brand new week ? I will take time to take supps and topa on time and I will take a walk at least three times this week. It?s not that hot here any more ? no more excuses. Hope everyone has a great day!

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    27 August Epiphany!

    Good for you Trish....I couldn't agree more!

    I haven't been exercising either but I do know that when I did exercise regularly, it became second nature, and I looked forward to it.

    Congratulations on your epiphany!

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    27 August Epiphany!

    Home @ Last!!

    Well we made it! Vegas was a BLAST!! Wouldn't wanna live there though! One week was plenty... Glad to be home & on the river!

    Hubby & I had a GREAT time when he wasn't doing his Radio Shack meetings.... We did stay a few days extra just for that reason...
    Took in the Zummanity Show it's the "naughty" side of the Cirque de Sole. It was great! I want a trapeeze in our living room now!! I already have plenty of the costumes for it!!:H

    Mary Ann & I were able to meet up for a few hrs on Friday, for some shopping & libations! It was amazing that we were able to find each other, as we met up on a corner on the "strip".... It was great!! Felt like we'd known each other for ever!:l

    I just finished unpacking ... now I've gotta go get ready for work... WHAA! Oh well! back in the saddle... Hope all is well w/ everybody!

    Mary, glad to here your papa is doing better.

    Oh, I didn't go over board in Vegas! But I did keep a good steady pace going!! It was hot enough ... I think I sweated it out as fast as I was drinking! Which wasn't too fast most of time!!

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