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    modding question

    i've been trying to moderate lately but I've got a bit of a question and I don't know who else to ask. I was 3 months af and started drinking again in november, when I came home for weekends and only on weekends. lately I've gotten to a point where I'm drinking whenever I'm home even if its for 2 weeks, and the amounts increased from 2-3 to about 7-9 units. I don't know now whether this is an ordinary slip you'd expect from moderating or a sign that this isn't a good plan for me and wanted some advice or some other peoples experiences of the situation to help me figure out where I go from here. thanks

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    modding question

    I am new to this, I am wondering myself if I could 'handle' moderation. Right now, I would think moderation would be acceptable for weekend use, but 2-3 drinks, any more slowly morphs into the definition of binging; however, when you are in that justified 'drink on Friday night' slump, there is no rationale and one simply continues because it 'feels good.'

    Good luck to you, Brother. There are no definite rights or wrongs. What is going to benefit YOU?

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