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    Binge drinking during first month of pregnancy

    I have seen a few other threads from years ago, so I thought I'd start a new one. I am currently 5+4 and found out I was pregnant on 5+1. If my calculations are correct, I binge drank almost every day during the first two weeks post-fertilization. During the third week post-fertilization, I primarily abstained, but there were two days over the weekend between my third and fourth weeks post-fertilization where I binge drank (one of those days included and entire bottle of wine plus some). These two episodes worry the most as they are during a critical time in development. I was hoping to get stories from any of you who have or had the same experience and how it all turned out. I have read some other forums, but typically women discuss how they had one or two days where they drank a few glasses of wine, which is very different from my case. Please, even if you have a negative story, do not hesitate to talk about it. I am trying to get information from all sides.

    Also, I quit drinking the moment I found out and have no intention of drinking any more throughout the pregnancy.

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    Hey Ree,
    Sorry I just read this. I drank the same at the very beginning (I was probably 4 to 5 weeks pregnant) of my pregnancy and then stopped as soon as I found out I was pregnant. My kids are fine. The doctor told me that it would not make a difference and the baby would be fine.
    Just don't drink anymore during your pregnancy and I am sure it will be ok.
    Enjoy your pregnancy

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    Re: Binge drinking during first month of pregnancy

    From a study of pregnant women drinking-

    Binge drinking was uncommon, but measurable: Seven percent of the women using alcohol reported one or more binge drinking episodes during their pregnancy.

    Thirteen percent of all women — whether or not they used alcohol during pregnancy — scored two or higher on the TWEAK scale of drinking behavior. But the proportion was higher among alcohol-using women, at 19 percent of the low-risk group and 29 percent of the high-risk group.

    Just realized this post is a bit congrats on your child.

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