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Thread: So lost

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    Re: So lost

    Hope you're doing well today Tidegirl. It does get better.
    Have you considered trying some teas to help you sleep - something along the lines of Traditional Medicinals? Or any sort of adaptogens to help with the anxiety?
    Rooting for you.


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    Re: So lost

    Thanks Bri--I've not tried those things but I'll look into them. Today I almost lost it-- I was so tired-- I had to take my son to baseball, get a school picture, meet his friend at the pool and then a neighbor asked if I'd keep her kid for an hour while the kid was there so I felt cornered. It was at dinner time, I was tired and hungry and had to feed the kid too. 4 hours later ( and after we'd seen a hit and run at Publix) she saunters in after having had dinner with her husband. What the fresh hell? Not to mention that clown Mike Milbury on Stanley Cup coverage says PK Subban deserved having his head beat into the ice... And don't get me started on the hate caused by our President (sorry to speak of politics-- I was just tired and raw). So many people seem to try to take advantage. But-- I didn't drink and am better for it. So there is that-- 2 baseball games tomorrow an hours drive from here so I pray I sleep and forgot to mention I ate like a hog today and I never do that-- sun chips, cheese crackers, chocolate covered pomegranate and half a cup of ice cream. Aaaarg! This luckily is the first time I've done that in years but it better be the last! Ok-- rant over. Thanks for the support!

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