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Thread: My childhood

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    [QUOTE=Choices;1652759Your grandmother sounds really mean.[/QUOTE]

    'really mean'? she is the most evil, twisted waste of space on this planet. even my mum says she'll be glad when my grandmother dies, she won't mourn her at all. sorry, i hate my grandmother so much, mini-rant over.

    Regarding your dad, and it's very easy for me to say this from an objective viewpoint, and i know it's also so hypocritical, but stay away from him. He did his best, but he abandons you, he still tries to hurt you? Tell him to fuck off out of your life, even though you love him he's not a good person to have in your life. Of course, if you gave me the same advice i would post a message back saying you were right and then totally ignore your warning. Hopefully you're more intelligent than me :-)

    Thanks for posting though, i know it's exhausting typing out bad memories. Do you feel better after you've typed it out though, even if (or because) it's a stranger reading it?

    As for the shrooms, i don't remember much really, guess i was tripping and hadn't really thought about it until you asked, but good memories for the most part. Well one day my mother's head was floating around the house with glowing green eyes, that wasn't so good :-)

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    My grandad died recently, so I went over to his house today to tidy the garden before the funeral. Today I realised the impact of drink on my health.

    10 minutes into clearing up the garden I was flagging, it felt like I couldn't do any more. 15 minutes in, I was out of breath, I felt like I was going to be sick. I managed to stick it out for 2 hours, but only out of bloody mindedness - he loved his garden and I didn't want it to be a mess when the coffin left the house.

    Just 10 years ago, when my grandad was in his 80s he was still looking after that garden by himself. Even 5 years ago he still insisted on doing a lot himself. I'm now 42, but physically it seems I'm 90. Or 900. I feel ancient anyway.

    Nobody on my mother's side of the family is attending the funeral. I'm so indifferent to them now that I'm not even angry, I don't think I'll be at their funerals anyway. If I am there it will to be piss on their coffins as they're lowered into their graves. Even my stupid bitch whore of a mother has decided she'd rather be on holiday rather than go to the funeral. Fucking cunts...

    RIP Grandad, thank for al the xmas presents, see you soon x

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