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      is AF January 7, 2018
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      Hi Anchorite,

      I am the glorious robe wearing .. slowly reaching two bottles, nice dresses in a box and working on 60%. You nailed it. And my biggest trigger is upset emotions. I'm 3 weeks AF now.. but this is my second attempt and I am just really tired of the start stop. It's so draining! But worth it to feel better. At least my skin is looking so much better not dry and red. Hang in there. I will too. Writing has helped me a lot.. especially when I'm hitting a huge craving or if I can't sleep. All the best to you!
      AF January 7, 2018

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      I am soooo tired....

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      Anchor if you are tired then sleep. I was bone weary tired the first few week. dragged myself to work each day and felt like i had been run over by a bus or ten. i napped when i could at home as if i didnt then i became over tired. my body was healing and thats a good sign. go with what your body wants (not your mind as that will want al). Be gentle with yourself for the first few weeks. Tired and headaches was what i had but it was worth it.

      I cant imagine having a drink at 80 but one cant say never drink! the smell makes me want to vomit now, a big change from 2 years ago.
      AF free 1st December 2013 - 1st December 2018 - 5 years of living life as i should have done all of my life

      Ava is a SHPFFFDU ! (Special, honest, practical, fantastic friend from downunder) - thank you NS

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