Am here after a number of years.
Way back, I came to mywayout to just get alcohol out of my life for a significant period. It was more of putting up a daily post to strengthen my resolve to stay drink-free.
Want to try the same routine this time.
I had been quit for about three years a while back. Have been mostly a social drinker since then.
A few weeks back had a general medical checkup and was diagnosed with 'mild fatty liver' during USG. Also, my HDL was low. At 49, these seemed to be wakeup alarms.
On the average, I am a very active walker, ex-runner and don't drink regularly. But I think, I have a streak of binge-drinking, splurging on about 3-4 drinks around thrice a month.
So want to stay away from alcohol for an extended period.
This is Day 7 of the quit. Want to extend it to 30 days.

Small gripe. I am sad to see that my previous posts are all erased. Also, the forums seem to be less active now. A decade back, this was a very vibrant place with a number of users.

I wish all members all the very best.
Hope to keep visiting here and will put up journal entries on and off.

Thanks for reading.