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    Harm Minimisation/Harm Reduction

    I know that I am very new here yet I feel that an important approach to substance use and addiction is missing- Harm Minimisation/Harm Reduction. I am only starting out on what I suspect will be a very long journey, perhaps even life-long. The approach of Harm Minimisation rather than abstinence may not work for me, but I know it has worked for a lot of other people, so I wanted to put some info out there. A lot of available info relates to illicit drug users, but a drug is a drug is drug regardless of it's legal status. This may well be useful to some people for whom alcohol is the drug.

    Fact Sheet on Harm Minimisation from the Australian Drug Foundation

    A Wikipedia article on the philosophy of Harm Reduction (one of the three principles of harm minimisation)


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    Harm Minimisation/Harm Reduction

    Hi Gypsy, this is good stuff!

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    Harm Minimisation/Harm Reduction

    Thankyou GypsyT we all should be reading more and then we may truly say we have an informed choice. Its not wrong to try and improve our health using any safe methods that we can. What suits one person doesnt always suit another. Thanks for the info ...

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    Harm Minimisation/Harm Reduction

    Kenneth Anderson MA.

    The most helpful book to me aside from Dr. A's book was "How to Change Your Drinking: A Harm Reduction Guide to Alcohol." by Kenneth Anderson MA. I truly believe, had I read this book first I would have had so much more success early on.

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    Harm Minimisation/Harm Reduction

    Hey gypsy I like your avatar

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