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      is If the sky is the limit, then
      why are there footsteps on the
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      9th January, 2013.
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      Boosting Serotonin

      Here is a good, practical, if unscientific, article on how to naturally boost serotonin levels (which I desperately need).

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      is Changing my thinking cuz the
      same old thinking leads to the
      same old drinking
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      Boosting Serotonin

      great article siren,i know im not depressed enough for the zoloft my dr.gave me,however i just need that little boost you know?plus everything in the article is a healthy way to live anyways,lets do it!

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      Boosting Serotonin

      Okay, I haven't even read the article yet, but when I visited the site, the guy at the pool boosted my levels! I'm going to print that out as a picture to take with me...store by bedside....


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      Boosting Serotonin

      Just the fact that being prescribed Zoloft put me in a higher category for life insurance is reason to find natural resources.

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