I'm tapering off baclofen and my gaba levels are very low, damaged receptor maybe, 2 years of agonizing it. I'm wondering if there are supplements, vitamins, things to eat to restore/heal my gaba. I know the supplement gaba won't help. A gaba antagonist would help but make me even more uncomfortable while i'm on it, and to be honest, i don't know of any nor have access.

I hear meditation increases gaba naturally, but i'm not going to do meditation or yoga. I need it to be natural and not another agonist. I also need it to be permanent, not something that last while i'm on it but leaves me with even less gaba when i quit taking it. Agonist increase levels in the brain, but cause rebound anxiety. I have anxiety naturally, but this is ridiculous. Only gabaergic drugs have helped my anxiety. Hence, why i'm having this problem now.