last night at 3am ( yes i cant sleep now because i cant drink now) im up on the computer dinking around(instead of out drinking around)and all of the sudden i start smelling something horrid! OMGS what is that so im going all ove the house and i cant find it .Im getting really upset.Now i dont keep garbage in the house but that is what it smells like, well after about a half hour i look on the counter and there is a wine bottle sitting there with the lid off. now the bottle is empty from thurs just never took it out. so i pick the bottle up and well you can imagine the rest it was not pretty. Now from what i understand this is not normal. What is going on? Has anyone had somethng like this happen. Also im suffering from headaches,not all the time but sometimes. Yes im drinkg lots of water and no i dont do caffine. Eyes are fine,and well you guys already know ive forgotten where i live.