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    14th July, 2007.

    Hi i really have lost it

    Hello am not completely new here i joined last year and failed.I do log on and read the posts often.I am a single mum of two fab children and work almost full time as a healthcare professional.So why am i so stupid?Like many of you i have been drinking most of my life.It just gets worse and i am now in a situation that i feel is desparate,yesterday was awful i had a day off work and drank for much of it.The worst of it was i fell asleep and did not pick my little girl up from school-how bad is that!!I am racked with shame and guilt as usual and this has to be the end.I must stop this but don't know how,i feel i have no control.I picked my name because thats what i hear my children saying to me as i nod of on the couch most nights.Sorry to sound so negative but i must post now as i really feel bad.You guys sound great and i want so much to offload to people that can understand the depths of this pit.
    Thanks for reading any support welcome xx

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    Hi i really have lost it

    i, know the feelin well, i wont try an give u advise but just wanted to say hi an wish u well,

    u got it in your head u need 2 stop, u r here an u been reading, i think u will , xxxxxxxxxxx

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    Hi i really have lost it

    Hey Wakeup... I know the feeling of loosin' it pretty well myself.
    Been there, done that, got a few of those shirts...
    Glad you're here.
    You mentioned you've been here before. Have you read RJ's book? Or tried any of the supps? L-Glut or Kudzu? Topa really helped me a lot too.
    I take a low dose. 100 mg a day. Been on it for about 1 1/2 yrs now, as well as the supps, with lots of exercise, & Cds, they do help.
    Just getting on here & checking in & reading helps too. This is a great place with wonderful people full of support. Again welcome...:h
    :l Judie

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    Hi i really have lost it

    Welcome Wakeup,
    Glad you are here! I know that feeling as well and it's terrible. Disappointing our children is probably one of worst parts of this whole mess at least that's what brought me here.

    I would stronly suggest the book and supplements. They work! Keep coming here and posting. Stick around this time, don't leave.

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    14th July, 2007.

    Hi i really have lost it


    Thankyou so much for replying i am so gratefull.How did i get this bad?I am so scared just now can't seem to focus on anything.I do have the book and take sups when i remember.
    Thanks again i must try really hard this time. xx

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    Hi i really have lost it

    Hi Wakeup,

    Sweetie, you really have to make the decision to do everything you can to stop drinking - if that's what you want. No more "when I remember" or I can start again tomorrow. No more trying... this time you have want to succeed.... if you half stick to it, you will half succeed.

    Go see your doctor, get a counsellor and read everything you can about recovery.

    You really can do this, I know, I am doing it, living it and succeeding.


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    Hi i really have lost it

    Hi Wakupmom

    Your post made me sad, reminded me of the film When a man loves a woman...

    There are a lot of moms and some moms to be on the site and no doubt they can give you some support. It must be extra hard to cope with this when you have young children depending on you. And what about your husband? Is he around and is he supportive?

    I think a drinking problem is immensely hard to deal with but one of the things that makes it hardest is the shame, the lack of a place to come and be open about it and find solutions. And now you have found a place like that.

    There are things you can do about this. The book My Way Out offers some solutions. Aside from Topomax there are other medications that seem to be very effective for some of the members: naltrexone and campral.

    Taking care of your diet and nutrition with supplements will help. and the CDs help with yourmental state, which is crucial.

    I wish you a lot of luck with this.

    And by the way, I hope you come here not just on the hangover days but more often. Seems like hangover depressions are the worst!!! but it's good to take proactive steps on the days when you feel better to prevent them from happening.

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    Hi i really have lost it

    Hi wakeupmom,
    No, you haven`t "lost it" at all, but you may just be about to `get it`. Not showing up for work due to alcohol is bad enough, but not showing up when due to collect a child has been a dreadful wake-up call for you........I know how selfish and bad you must feel for that a mum, I feel for you.........but maybe this is God`s way of showing you that booze has been destroying your life, just as it was mine. Use this dreadful experience to let you shine as the good mum you obviously are...........if you weren`t a good mum, you wouldn`t be here feeling as you do!!

    I wish you much luck,

    Starlight Impress

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    Hi i really have lost it

    Hi Wakupmom,

    I just want to tell you what my Dr told me 3 days ago when i told him im a alcoholic, i was blubbering and calling myself a loser, he said to me i would be a loser if i didnt admit my problem and seek help. So in saying that just joining in on this forum is reaching out for help so please dont put yourself down, get help and do what i do i look into my young kids eyes and say to myself i want to be the best mama i can.

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    Hi i really have lost it

    Wake up. that says it all, you are opening your eyes and gaining strengh. Pat yourself on the back.
    you have the ability to walk out of the dark cave you have been dwelling in.
    I really think staying around and posting your progress or your insecurities will help you overcome.
    much luck to you stick around. this is a great place to heal yourself in your own way.


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