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    Re: My NEW Story Starts Here...

    Don't have time to post my whole story right now but basically I'm a long time (close to 10 years) nightly drinker (~ 8 drinks) with a SEVERE dependence. I tried to starting to cutting down again last week (0.2 ounces) and predictably started feeling withdrawal symptoms (crazy at that level right?), they seemed manageable initially but last night (around day 5), this extreme irritability (almost dysphoria) overtook me and seemed to be worse while drinking; I tried to wait it out but eventually caved and did a couple more shots (over what I'd normally drink), thereby losing any progress I made (maybe it'll even set me back because over-drinking creates it's own set of withdrawal symptoms in proceeding days). Man, this disease is such a nightmare, I wish I could just go back 10 years and get a do over.
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