Replying to a 4 day old post but wanted to share my bit....I am back to writing in these forums after 4 years and you can actually check my futile efforts which started in 2010 and retrying in 2013-14 to quit...
When I was advised to quit cold turkey, I resisted and tapered with beer, wine, mixing with tea, drinking after a set time, drinking by measuring time, measuring drinks etc.
In my case, they all seemed to work...for a short while and then I was back to drinking the way I used to in no time. The max I pulled with taper and quit was a month of tapering and 36 days of dry spell.

Why Cold Turkey works?
Alcohol stays in your system for 72 hours and physical craving will come in that period. If you can fight it off, your body may give you some discomfort but will not rage for alcohol.
Aftermath discomforts like sweating, palpitations, lack of appetite etc also will go off in a while
The best part is that after this phase, you see the exposed truth of your addiction when your mind is convincing you on a dozen things to pick up the booze...thats where the work starts!

Hang in there, God bless and Happy Recovery