My name is Penina and I have been cured of my binge eating disorder, overeating, anorexia and food phobia taking baclofen. 15 years of 12-step program never freed me like this. I am no longer an addict; the switch in my brain has been turned off. For $15 a month, I am no longer addicted to food.

I heard about baclofen because I am French-American. In France, baclofen became famous because of Olivier Ameisenís book The End of my Addiction and because people set up websites/forums like www.baclofene.org to help one another with finding prescribing doctors, discussing how to prescribe, publish articles and stories. This gave addicts tools to go talk to their general practitioner and get a prescription. The French FDA has allowed prescription of baclofen for alcoholism and addictions before even getting the results of a big study that was launched at the end of 2013 and should be published toward the end of 2014 (with promising results).

Knowing when and how much to take baclofen is the key to ending addiction. We need to unit and achieve what the French have done. Letís set up together a blog/website and help spread the new gospel for us,
Baclofen can end alcoholism
Baclofen can end food addiction
Baclofen can end drug addiction
Baclofen can end addictions.

If you want to participate, here is what is needed:
Tech people to set up the website
People who have had success with baclofen to help answer questions
People who know doctors who prescribe baclofen and can share names in private messages or on the phone.
People who can help with publishing articles: we can put the French articles through Google translate and edit the result. Itíll make for a good start.

If you want to help, please email me at
Helpendaddictionswithbaclofen [at] gmail [dot] com

Letís help end addiction with baclofen.