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    Welcome, Mentium! I have no experience with Baclofen to share with you, though I did find Antabuse to be a powerful tool in getting alcohol out of my life. It's a shame about the disruption on the threads you're most interested in. I agree with Sam that using the ignore function would effectively solve the problem.

    In any event, the Newbies Nest, and many other threads, are great sources of support, whichever path you're on to gain freedom from our addiction.


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    Hi Mentium -much to my dismay, I am half your age and my last drink occurred in March 2013. (JK-LOL, I am only 10 years younger than you.)
    I read your story and certainly sympathize and can somewhat relate. I guess one of our main differences is the fact that at the end of my drinking career, I was drinking from the time that I woke up until the time that I went to bed (many passouts -so to speak during the day) (aprox. 298 oz of beer per day . I was doing this in order to live but this behavior was also causing me to want to die. In the end, I was no longer functioning, and I was willing to try any medication that might come close to being helpful.

    I am an introvert (thankfully), somewhat shy, but somewhat not shy, and I very interested in medications that help the AUD sufferer. Anxiety and a lack of 'sense of well being' plagued me all of my life until I started taking baclofen and finally became sober.

    Thank you for sharing your story. This is extremely helpful for those who read your words.
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    I know what he is talking about Sam (who has sound advice to offer).
    Rather a bunch of nonsense. No point in reading it, I agree.
    (AF since 17 May 2014) 2 years 5 months sober

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