I started drinking on New Years Eve 2009. My mom convinced me to have 1 drink a Miller lite and I figured that 1 would not hurt. Well in the beginning it was just special occasions where I would have 1-2 drinks here and there. I started with mainly Champagne and Wine, but would eventually move onto mixed drinks and beer. Mainly beer, but I would also do the mixed drinks. But a few months down the road I wanted to experience how getting/being drunk felt like so I bought two bottles of Champagne thinking that I would drink one bottle and save the second for a special occasion. I ended up doing 1 and a half bottles and got real drunk. You would think that being drunk/hungover would teach me but nope. I drank for a year starting to increase my drinking. First it was very special occasions first, then special occasions to making up stuff so I could drink. I knew I was fast becoming an alcoholic so I decided to try to quit. After trying a couple of times and failing I knew I needed help so I posted at Quitnet about it and someone told me about this site. Well I joined. I lost count of the amount of times that I tried quitting. But I would get stronger each time. But after 1 fail I did the moderation plan, thinking that I would control my drinking. But I was not modding from the start. My mod plan was only drink every other weekend (usually on a Friday, but sometimes on a Saturday but it was only 1 night). But I would drink too much. That lasted until 2011 when I had some stuff happen and poof was back to drinking weekly and was trying to figure out how to drink more than 1 time a week. While coming home one day I was going to go for another 30day sober to give myself a break and to try to reduce my drinking when I felt done. So I set a date, and did something that I failed to do in the past. I told people that I was going to quit. My previous quits failed because I did not want to announce it in fear of failing. Well I made it sober for 7 years when some friends invited me to a restaurant where after some pressure they convinced me to have 1 drink. I thought that I could have that 1 and that would be it. Well that 1 drink started it back up. Although I only drank around them a couple of times. I knew I had to try again. I would quit and that quit would fail and then another lasted a little past a month. When I lost my 2nd cat of this year I drank. But this last time that I drank I knew had to be it. And so I decided to quit drinking and now its day 23 and I know that I will still have my hard times and will have my cravings, but as long as I do not drink I will make it to 7 years again. And this time, I will not be taking this quit for granted.