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    Hi all Sue here
    My partner is an alcoholic and I am looking for advice on topamax. I have managed to get some for him, legit lol and is asking help for dosage, best time to take, etc. Been drinking 30 years tried baclofen no good. Been out his system for a month.
    I have read so far 25mg a day for a week, then 50 mg a day for a week, then 75mg a week and that's about a good limit to stay at. He has had pancreatic episodes not sure if topamax an effect that . Drinking 2 bottles wine a day odd day 3 bottles when not working.
    Was drinking 5 bottles wine a day have got him down to 2 and doctor helped with diazepam for a week. He has been of that for a week.
    Any advice grateful sorry for long post. Been with addictions services for 2 years and feel like I'm banging my head against a wall in how they deal with addiction.
    Our key worker adviced me if this site.
    Thanks sue

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    Re: Topamax

    Welcome, Sue-x! I don't have any advice on how to use Topamax; there used to be a book link on here, where the forum's founder, Roberta Jewell, wrote about her experience, but I don't know if the link is still active, as the forum has changed servers over the years-

    I can relate to drinking way too much wine, though, which is why I stopped. Is he still drinking 2 bottles a day? Going from 5 to 2- well, that in itself is an achievement, but it's probably still "too much".

    Is he counting the bottles, or are you? Is he used to the physical sensations surrounding alcohol- i.e., uncorking the wine, selecting the wine glass.... my mother in law switched from drinking bottled wine to boxed wine, and switched from using wine glasses to tiny cordial glasses.... she wanted the fancy special wine glass, but just "a little bit"... and by doing these two things, it broke her pattern as she didn't want to keep returning to the kitchen for a refill. Are there patterns you could switch up that would reduce the amount he drinks?

    Stopping was the hardest thing for me to do... the first 7 days... day 1 can be manageable, day 2 would be "ok", and day 3- I would be filled with anxiety and unable to see a future without alcohol- F It! I'll just "moderate" and set better rules.... and back into the bottle I'd go.

    Are there other resources in the UK that you could consider- i.e. rehab? My habit was not as severe, and I worry about the severity of alcohol withdrawal without the guidance of a doctor.

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