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Thread: Detox

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    Re: Detox


    Well here we are one year later (it's hard to believe it's been a whole year since I started this process) and still on track. Unfortunately, it all feels a little hollow when these other health issues continue to make my life miserable. I just have to try remember all the struggles I went through last winter (and for many years before that) and be glad to be through that phase.
    On a positive note, the really distinct PAWS haven't returned at all for a quite few months now (which is a huge relief), whereas my brain chemistry in general still feels a little unbalanced sometimes.
    Unfortunately, the sickness condition hasn't gotten better despite continued focus on my health (alcohol abstinence, weight loss etc.). I wouldn't say the symptoms have gotten worse overall but it seems like they've become a bit more consistent / pervasive, especially the head symptoms (head ache, frontal head irritation, brain fog etc.). Which has lead both me and my GP to suspect a sinusitis-like condition (I've also had chronic congestion for a long time). A recent appointment with an ENT was pretty disappointing, very quick and ultimately inconclusive, so now I'm back in limbo waiting for a CT scan. We've also tried some things like acid reflux medication, antihistamines etc. with no real noticeable impact on my condition.
    My hope of this just getting better on it's own has diminished greatly, so it's frustrating for this to be dragging on without even having a clear diagnosis yet. It kind of feels like I've defeated one demon (though I'm aware that you never really beat it, it's an ongoing battle), just to be in the clutches of another; one with a less clear path forward and way out. That being said, given the state I was in last year, I'm certainly glad to have made it this far and be out of the prison that is alcohol dependance.

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    Re: Detox

    Mulburry congrats on a year sober! That's a wonderful job you did. I'm sorry that you aren't feeling better and hope that your further testing will give you an answer.

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