I've been a Raider fan since I was about 12 years old (38 yrs) but I beleive in resent years and Mr Al Davis is still tring to run the team like he did back when I was a young man (1960's) and when they dominated everyone, In todays Game that type of thinking just cannot and will not work, the game have just gotten to fast today.

BTW, I'm not your typical sterio typed Raider Fan, it seens to me that everone thinks the Fan are Thugs, Have you been to a NYG Game? Philly Game? Dallas? all fans are crazing but there is Just something about the Silver and Black the scrare people, the scrariest game I ever went to was in Philly. Now those Fans are NUTS.

They Finally benched Russell (YES!!) and I just cannot beleive it took almost ten games to really see that he just is not the one that will work in there system, I understand there a very young team but you need a leader at Quarterback, not some guy that is always late to practice and the first one to leave, Al is thinking about the 61 million more then filling the seats and making the fan Happy.

Anyway, Please weight in on this matter and I know there are a lot of Raider Haters out there but unlike a lot of fan I have stuck with them throught thick and thin kinda like the Saints Fan have (Very happy to see them doing so good this year but if you remember there have not always been a winner team, those fans are awesome, exspect for the one that are bank wageners)

Just had somethink on my mind and wanted to sharem Have a great Sunday, enjoy the Games and GO RAIDERS