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    NFL Rookie of the Year..who?

    I know alot of people are on the RG3 bandwagon and many like Andrew Luck BUT..Russell Wilson is playing lights out for the Seahawks...If the Seahawks make the playoffs, should Wilson get the nod?

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    NFL Rookie of the Year..who?

    Really tough call for me!!

    I am a Bama fan, Roll Tide, as that is my alma mater, so I also am pretty impressed with Trent Richardson.

    At first I was saddened to see him on the Browns, but that team is turning around and turning around quickly.

    However, RG3 is amazing, so is Luck, so is Wilson, so is Kaepernick.

    It has been a banner year for great rookies no matter what the position.


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    NFL Rookie of the Year..who?

    Kaepernick (sp?) is not a rookie.

    Let's not forget Doug Martin as a potential Rookie of the Year, too!

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