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    Symptoms of Withdrawal, by Christopher Kennedy Lawson

    Christopher is 3rd generation of the Kennedy clan in America, nephew to Ted Kennedy, may he R.I.P.

    The honest description of Christopher's father, actor Peter Lawson, especially the one by Bill Cosby, "That USED TO BE Peter Lawson."
    Cosby was referring to a white-haired, long-bearded, shaky man slumped in a corner, sitting on the ground.

    The once-handsome actor Peter Lawson has horrifically declined due to alcholism into a hemit-like, Gandalf-look-a-like... yet without even reasoning ability.

    I feel so sorry that Peter Lawson lived in a world built on charisma,and smoke-n-dreams.
    And mostly sad that he couldn't escape from alcoholism. Scared.

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    Symptoms of Withdrawal, by Christopher Kennedy Lawson

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    Symptoms of Withdrawal, by Christopher Kennedy Lawson

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