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    BLACKOUT - Rembering the Things I Drank to Forget by Sarah Hepola

    A very good book about Sarah's 25-years of drinking and her subsequent sobriety. Like other autobiographies by drinkers, this one details certain drunken situations most of us have no trouble relating to. She does a great job differentiating between "blackout" and "pass out." Her path to sobriety is also familiar and underscores the importance of not doing this alone (whether AA, MWO, or other options.). I felt good when I finished this book and resolve to stay the course!
    Mary Lou

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    Thanks for alerting us to this book Marylou.

    remembering the things I drank to forget and becoming at peace with it is important for me to look at. I'm finding meditation and mindfulness practice with some buddhist philosophy very helpful in acknowledging stuff, forgiving myself, and allowing the past to just be, and let it go. Love the title.

    Take care, G.
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