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    Death Wish: The Path through Addiction to a Glorious Life

    Amazon Reviews:
    Human, funny, encouraging, and incredibly life-affirming, Death Wish is the best book about the path through addiction to a life worth living I have ever read. Michael Neill, bestselling author of The Inside-Out Revolution and The Space Within.

    Steve Chandler's book Death Wish is wonderful; a dose of down-to-earth, no-holds barred spirituality, chock full of wisdom, humour and irreverence, done in the way only Steve can do it. If you've ever struggled with addiction, know someone who does, or work with people who do, you're in for a treat. Jamie Smart, author of The Little Book of Clarity
    This book is short and easy to read, composed mostly of expanded posts from the author's blog. Many of us who read the Kindle version wish we'd bought a paper copy to highlight and annotate - he has so many great ideas, full of hope, to keep in mind. I'd recommend this book to anyone - it is an introduction into how we create our experiences and so how, if we want to, we can lead more glorious lives. We don't have to travel in a circle of recovery back to where we were before we became addicted but can spiral up and out, developing a better life in which addiction isn't an issue.

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    Bought 2 copies - on recommendation from NS - who's opinion I value greatly .
    One for me and one for young Satz who is still struggling.

    ( it had better be good Ms Sweets or )

    Benji ....
    Doing it my way

    .... the joy of being sober never gets old !!

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    That's the risk of making recommendations . I'm glad that Kuya, Starty, and JC have backed me up!! I think Mr G might have taken a look at it, also. Anyone else?

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    Brilliant book.
    I think it will be a good idea to start a thread with all our good book suggestions in one place. I know there was one way back but it might be fun to start a new one?

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