As an avid reader in my latter retirement years, I read a lot. Most of my reading is British political stuff. Being a natural right leaning Tory/Republican, I am very interested in the writings of the left leaning element (for the Brits, the US contingent will never have heard of) Ben Elton, James O'Brien et al. I wont bore you with this subject however.

I was recommended to the Tattooist having previously read and whilst liked was not inspired by the Librarian of Auschwitz. Don't get me wrong, it is an emotional book but never really "grabbed" me.

The Tattooist of Auschwitz is a truly riveting read, clearly I am not going to spoil the story, however there were sections of the book that would make any man weep. My aunt was at Auschwitz and her parents were murdered there and they thought that the Germans considered the price of a bullet above a Jew's life (thats why the mass gassed them) is never something I will ever be able to get to grips with.

Cilka is a continuation, with Cilka who "befriended" a Nazi commandant in order to save herself from the camps. I expect given the situation this is something we all would have done. After the war the Russians considered her a "collaborator" and chucked her in a "gulag" for many years. The story is mostly fictional in the most but tells of her climbing back from a starving inmate to a nurse, bringing food home for her campmates, winning the various factions around and eventual release.