I read News Of The World and will post a summation soon. However, I’m now reading her latest called, Simon The Fiddler. With “Simon the Fiddler,” Jiles taps a secondary character, the redheaded Simon Boudlin from “News of the World,” and opens up the narrative folds of his personal saga, jumping back a few years in time. It’s March 1865, and Simon, a Kentucky orphan raised by his great-uncle, has finally been conscripted into the Confederate Army along with his prized possession, a Markneukirche fiddle. When the war ends, Simon is with his regiment in Texas, which soon boils into turmoil. Land is up for grabs, the Comanches are attacking, the government and economy are in flux. As with her other novels, Jiles is in command of this historical milieu, evoking her scenes and characters with precision and detail.