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    Huxley’s The Doors Of Perception

    This book written in 1854 was recommended by a dear friend, mentor, and prolific business performance coach. Huxley's foray into the world of spirituality and eastern philosophy was immortalised in his recount of his psychedelic experience on mescaline, as told in his book, Doors Of Perception.Through a combination of poetry and philosophy from both East and West as well as religious text, Huxley brings the reader into something resembling a visionary experience. While this is not everyone’s must read list, I enjoyed it greatly. As a bio hacker, I am extremely interested in the anti aging benefits of micro dosing.

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    Re: Huxley’s The Doors Of Perception

    Great book for sure! Psychedlics are so amazing and something I'm very sad that I'll probably have to give up (as in later years I'd only be able to handle them while drinking at the same time).

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