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    Tribe by Sebastian Junger

    This book was recommended by a friend who’s part of a mens group I belong to. The group is comprised of mostly corporate executives, ex military, and entrepreneurs. Those of you who know my backstory, also know I suffer from PTSD related to 9/11 and injuries during my military service. It is fir those reasons this read was suggested to me.

    This is not a book about war, the military, or PTSD. It’s about the loss of belonging, caring for our fellow man as we do about the ones closest to us. He uses a parable about a brief encounter he has with a homeless man as a young adult. The man sees that he’s on a backpacking trip on his own and asks if he has enough food for his trip. The young Junger, afraid of being mugged for his supplies, lies and tells the man that he has just a little food to last him. The homeless man tells Junger he’ll never make it on what he has and hands him his lunch bag that he more than likely received from a homeless shelter - probably the only meal the homeless man would have the entire day. Sebastian feels horrible about himself after that, but uses that lesson as a parable for Tribe.

    Brilliant read!
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