" A must read for anyone who's tried to beat a drinking problem. Jewell weaves her personal story, clinical research, and well laid out system in this one of a kind book." 
"Dr. Richard Cobden, MD"

" Nutrition plays a critical role in recovery and Jewell’s program incorporates all the key elements in a plan that is solid, straightforward, and easy to follow. This multi-faceted system is sure to help many people.
"L. Kathleen Mahan, RD, CDE"
Nutritional Counselor and Co-Author, Krause's Food, Nutrition and Diet
Therapy, 11th ed., 2004
Seattle, WA

"The holistic approach combines powerful, customized self-hypnosis with other important therapeutic interventions. It’s not surprising to me that the program works so well for those who suffer with alcohol addiction."
"James H. Schmelter"
Certified Hypnotherapist
San Francisco, CA

" I selected abstinence over moderation and am thrilled with the results because nothing else I'd ever tried worked....my desire to drink went away from the very first week. The program cost less that what I spent on drinks each month. Anyone with a drinking problem owes it to themselves to give Roberta Jewell's system a try."

" For me, the hypnotism is the key that brings it all together. I don't know if it's the same for everybody but it has really really helped me. It also gives you something to do if you've got a craving that gets hold of you... just put on your headphones and go deeper! Plus, the vitamins are a trip in themselves. Feeling this good is as pleasurable as a glass of wine, and it sure does something to your state of mind when you realize you can really do it!"

" I have been working the program now for about 4.5 months and I just wanted to relate my latest doctor's visit to you. I was amazed. It is my first check-up since MWO. I have lost 35 pounds. I could stand to lose 60 more. My blood sugar is down (my doctor thought I was pre- diabetic). My cholesterol is down. My liver function is much improved. My blood pressure is moderating. Everything my doctor has been complaining about for the last few years is getting better and I have only the MWO program to thank for getting me back into a lifestyle that may enable me to live long enough to see my children and my grandchildren grow up; a chance for my wife and me to be happy again!

" I wanted to write and tell you THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for this program, Dr. Garcia and Roberta Jewell. It has been a life saver, literally. It's really something, the difference over these past four months. Congratulations to everyone else who is enjoying less time at the liquor store and more time with their families. It is truly a blessing.

"I loved being able to download the PDF version of the book and then order the CDs, which came within a week...customer support is fantastic. Kudos to Kellie and the entire team!"

"This program is phenomenal. As someone who 'got in early', it's been fun watching it take off...I knew it was just a matter of time. I am a whole new person, and I know others will have the same results." 
(Name withheld upon request)

"I watched the message board over on the My Way Out website before starting the program and have just started out. I can feel the change already and am thrilled. This is very exciting.

"I'm glad AA works for other people. I'm just not one of them. Thank goodness options are finally available for those of us who wish to pursue other methods. Incidentally, I opted out taking any medication but committed myself to all other elements of this programme and am delighted with the outcome."

I found this site in June. After many years of drinking everyday, at any time, I decided I needed to stop. The plan was to go without as long as I could. A couple of weeks or months, maybe longer. Since August 13th I haven't had a drink. I really didn't think I could ever stop. To my surprise I've only had a couple of hard days, and in the big scheme of life they weren't all that bad. I wake up feeling happy and in control, something I haven't felt in years. Good Luck to you!

Well guys I have to post my celebration cuz its amazing. TODAY IS MY 100TH DAY of abstinence. That's right I started 100 days ago only planning to do 30 days of abs and then go mods. I live in Absville, exercise often, take topamax, the supps, have a lot of communication with my fellow abbers ( love you guys!) and other members here.

I have been here for 7 months. When I joined, I was extremely sad - perhaps even desperate. I embraced most aspects of the programme and gradually developed a comfortable on-line relationship with other members.

Over time, a few names stood out and I felt a closer bond forming and I actively engaged in a more vigorous dialogue - both in chat and through posts.

Things have changed dramatically. Yes, my drinking is now at an acceptable level but more importantly, I am proud and privileged to have taken some friendships off-line and into my private "real" world. I have a genuine love for my friends who have enriched my life to a previously unimaginable level. We are in daily contact, sharing our laughter and tears. We exchange emails, photos and gifts. We look out for each other.

Life has, and always will have, sharp edges. But my friends have, jointly, wrapped me in a much stronger suit of armour. And for that I will continue to love them.

For anyone new to the program, I can honestly say this DOES work. I was a mess 6 months ago and will forever remain grateful for MWO. Initially I was attracted to the moderation aspect as I didn't think it was possible for me to abstain, but after reading the book and getting a good overview from the boards, I realised I needed a period of abs if I wanted it to work, and (for me) I felt so good that the abs has just continued. The most crucial part was knowing I had here to come to. Regardless of the fact that this is cyberspace, I found more reality here than in any other avenue of self-help. So many times I had tried to cut back, so many times I had tried to give up.....so many times I fell flat on my face. To find a program that recognises we are all individual and as such, have individual needs, is empowering all by itself. To be proactive about our own wellness encourages determination and that's a head start in anyones terms.

...Jump in and it's okay to make mistakes. I sure have! But after seven months I wouldn't trade the old me for anything. Am I perfect now? Yep. (just kidding!) Far from it... BUT, I am so much closer to who I know I really am. I can so relate to what you said about getting back to how things were when you dated. Funny you should say that. I posted recently to someone new and was telling them that my husband and I are like two teenagers who cant keep their hands off each other. We are in love again, and we were on the brink of divorce when I came here. Not all b/c of this issue, but it sure didn't help it. We have three kids too. Get excited!

Cant wait to hear how things go, and its okay if you blow it here. We don't judge, we just encourage. Its a journey.

...Everybody has their own philosophy but I've learned being in several treatment centers that alcohol = alcohol. You can call it wine, beer, vodka, rum, or mouthwash (25%) its still alcohol. So I've elected to try the moderation thing with 3 drinks a day. Vodka Martini's. I've been quite successful so far 3 months. I was up to 300 mg of Topa and then down to 25 mg. The cravings came back big time and then found my comfort level at 150 mg.

The Hypno tapes tapes helped alot too. I kept drilling myself no more then 3, no more then 3, no more then 3........ I found that if I made a fourth I would throw it out. No kidding. Still doing the supps for support but I do believe at least for me its the Topa.

Wish everyone continued Luck in their program......This has been a life saver for me!!
"The Chuckster"

Using the MWO program is like being in a healthy and vibrant relationship. If you work at it (follow the program), you just get so much back in terms of self esteem, improved health, and of course, greatly reduced drinking or abstinence. Also, I cannot speak highly enough about the support that I have received here from the other members. RJ herself remains involved, available, and supportive. It's just been a great experience for me.

I wanted to tell you what happened on Thursday night. By the grace of god I got the cd's and the book in the mail Thursday afternoon. I was so excited to listen to them and look over the book. I was home alone so I skimmed over the book and then got comfortable in bed and listened to the clearing cd and then the hypnosis one. I was a little afraid while I was doing it and almost had a panic attack I felt so weird. I think it was because I didn't know what to expect. I got the abstinence ones, but while reading the book I decided I wanted to just try cutting back. I said things about sipping, not getting drunk....etc....during the programing part. I went to the party, had a few glasses of wine, actually sipped them....which is very unusual for me....I get nervous around new people. I was the one that told my husband it was time to go, he wanted to have another glass of wine first, the friend who's house we were at wanted us to stay, but I said we needed to get home. We left, my hubby had another bottle of wine in the refrig at home. We had another glass of wine, I fell asleep and didn't even finish it. Ok.....I thought that I was just having a good night of will power, so I thought I would listen to the cds again and see how it went again. I felt more comfortable about getting into it this time, last night we went out, came home, hubby opened a bottle of wine, I drank one glass, and couldn't drink anymore. It didn't even taste good. That was the only glass on a Friday night.....amazing! The cds say you will be proud of yourself when you wake up the next morning...I am. I am afraid to get too excited because I don't want to be disappointed. But it is pretty cool.

TO RJ and her wonderful program, I just celebrated my one year anniversary. My goal was moderation and at first I abstained, then slowly began to allow myself a drink here or there. It has not been a picnic, and there are still some days when I feel like "just getting loaded" but I am able to talk myself out of it, which I could never accomplish before.

I have been sober (meaning moderate drinks but never got drunk) and have not had a hangover in a year - which is completely amazing !! I don't keep alcohol in the house, so I plan for allowing myself a "special drink" and I have to go to the store and get it. I buy the minimum amount I plan to drink that day/weekend, which is usually 2 wine coolers (no more using a shopping cart !)

I lost 30 pounds in total and am stable at my weight. Can't even guess at the amount of money I have saved in the year. I still listen to the CDs but stopped the Topa in the spring. Its just good to know it is there should I ever need it again in the future.

Not to say all my issues are solved, but I am working with my doctor and have started counselling for anxiety and depression - for which I self-medicated for years with alcohol. We all know how well that turns out !!

So thanks again and to everyone starting out, I hope you get some strength from my story.

I searched for a way to control or stop my drinking for 11 years. I knew I was drinking alcoholically, and could not stop. My physical and mental health, my performance at work, and my relationships all suffered because of my alcohol abuse. I tried conventional outpatient treatment and AA for several times, but still couldn't stop drinking.

My Way Out has given me the tools I need to succeed in recovering from alcoholism. It took some time to find the right combination of supplements, medication, etc. I also had a couple of "false starts" until I figured out whether my goal was moderation or abstinence (for me, it needs to be abstinence -- but that's a very individual decision).

Now, for the first time in over a decade, I feel that I have the choice to drink or not -- and I choose not to. I live each day without a shadow of guilt and fear hanging over me. It's like I was being held hostage for all those years and have finally been set free. I can't say how grateful I am to have found this program!

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