View Full Version : NOT HELPLESS

October 25th, 2008, 11:12 AM
wow i have had a momment to read som threads and holy s--t,it pays to hav holidays,but still com here to see how my world is going,and yess,mine,we are beleive or not in the same BOAT,im taking time to comment on ones and i dont mean you ONE,tht is how i talk,we are not here to offend,but LISTEN,WHEN DO DRINKERS EVER LISTEN,THEY ALWAYS HAV TO HAV THE LAST word,even what we consider normal,is not,if you put a substance in your bod,and trust me i got a good one hahaha,old butt good ,hahaha,it does you do justice,wisdom,come here and beleive there is another way to do things,gyco