View Full Version : Looking for information for my boyfriend...

October 8th, 2006, 01:47 AM
My boyfriend wants to quit drinking and he's busy with work and school so i'm trying to help him out by finding any info for him that i can. I've read whats been said about topamax and talked to him and he wants to know what, if any, sexual side affects there are (this would be his main concern LOL!) also im worried because he shows serious signs of depression (i've battled major depressive disorder and PTSD for years now) and i dont want anything that will feed into his depression. another concern is the weight loss issue...he's already thin so im worried this may just be a bad idea overall. so ya. i don't know how i can help him but i want to. He had a Crank addiction that he kicked without NA or any other help so im hoping he can manage to kick his addiction to alcohol but want to help him as much as possible. any suggestions or anything about topamax that would help would be so needed! thanks for ur time!