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January 8th, 2007, 02:40 AM
Mornin' folks,
Well, I posted a lengthy post yesterday and it must have been washed out with the technical difficulties as it's no longer here. Oh well, lucky you!! :)

To make that long story short, today is D day for me... D as in Diet, Do it, and DAMN! I feel good! (which I know I'll be humming on my way home from the gym)

I am going sugar free for the next three days... SF!! I have the feeling it'll be as tough as my first three days of AF. But, I need to do it to clean out the system and get rid of the sugar cravings (which are huge these days)

I'm also setting babystep goals this time, not the gigantic huge overhaul goal I had when I started in December. I'm starting with January. I have alittle over three weeks left til month's end. Definitely AF.
And, I'm shooting for the scale to read 5 pounds less by month's end. I'm hoping to add some muscle weight, loose some fat and have the scale for proof. 5 pounds in 23 days... that's reasonable, isn't it? Or is it too little to aim for? (I'm starting at 180... big goal is to get down to 145)

Lisa, your posts give me so much support... just want you to know! Can I ask, what's your food program like these days?

Everyone else, have a good sweat, enjoy those natural endorphin highs, and have a healthy start to a great week!! (Neil, got the Meridian Stretch book in the mail today... will have to sit down and take a good read this evening. Thanks for the recommendation)


January 8th, 2007, 07:52 PM
Hi Olly!

I read your post early this morning...oops - meant to post sooner! D Day! Good for you! I think 5lbs is a good goal. I have lost 7lbs in 2 1/2 months. But I have now actually gotten into a size 6!! From a size 10..in jeans no less!yea
So, I think when you are working out that it really is true that you may not lose as much weight but add some muscle. I tried really hard not to worry too much about the scale - eventhough I weighed every single morning. I still want to lose 6 more pounds - get down to 130 - which would be fine with me (I'm 5'3 1/2).

I wish I could give diet insights. I'm listening to You On a Diet right now (book on cd)and trying to get good ideas from that. I think I will have to listen to it twice - it is pretty detailed on the cellular level. But it is encouraging. I want to be able to eat. I don't want to starve myself. I want to make it so I can eat the most and still lose weight. I do well for awhile and then eat chocolate or fries or something. I need to work on that.
Anyway...have a good night. I went to the gym today and did crunches and stretches and leg raises and then 17min on the dreaded StairMaster. That thing is tough -whew! Meeting my trainer at 5am tomorrow- I think it will be arms day.

Night All- hope everyone is doing well!!! Where is the rest of the Fit Club?? :)

January 8th, 2007, 08:01 PM
I heard crickets chirping in here today!

Well no go on the lower body weights Saturday, but I did do the Meridian stretches. That was enough.

Sunday was goof-off day, except for file organizing (not much of a workout there.). My medical records from the last 20 years needed archiving. I'm a pack rat for records. Got all my receipts for last 10 years all filed and stored in the attic. Believe it or not, I had to fish one out from 6 years ago a couple of months ago, so glad I do that. Saved me some $$. People who offer 5 to 10 year warranties on their stuff hate me.
I always can find the receipt via my Quicken program, and receipt archives.

However, tonight was 4 sets of 12 reps on hamstrings, and quads. 4 sets 15 reps on calf raises. The last set was the VERY SLOW lifts to get those slow twitch fibers, and did they twitch!! I let out a loud bear growl on those last hamstring sets, and my face was beet red! Veins in the forehead were bulging.

So, Olly, have you made it through the beginner set yet? Thats where I'm still at. That last one always does the trick for me. The hard thing for me, is to find the right muscles to push, and the right ones to stretch.

I would run tomorrow, but its dark before I have to go to work, and dark when I get home. Maybe I can sneak from work a bit early tomorrow, and try to get in 3 miles! We'll see. I really want to run!