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July 23rd, 2012, 01:40 AM
Good morning all..well here we are again..its business as usual.How are we all?The start of another af week..all set?Was out very early yesterday morning, thanks Shue for taking the chair.Tea and coffeee provided and now on the go ...though what was with the toast and homemade jam yesterday?Keep going and we will soon be on a full English too :H
Weather over here is strangely nice,the big yellow thing put an appearance in yesterday, and is scheduled for today too.
Isnt it strange how quickly MWO becomes part of your life?20 days ago and I had not even heard of it, and now it is an integral part of my recovery.If you put the question,"can a group of people from all corners of the earth of different societies and beliefs and creeds ,oh and you have never met stop you from drinking" I suspect the answer would have been no.And yet that is where we are, though not so much stop, but support and encourage.Yesterday when I was out ,I even had to jump in using my phone and believe me that is some feat for me.Be easier to bake snow.

Hi Shue..how are you and how is the tan?Did you enjoy your early morning jaunt yesterday?Glad your husband by his actions re the wine supported you.Fancy..an Irishman and a Jock that dont drink..there must be the start of a joke in there somewhere!You have got a lot on this week so take it easy, drive safe,I know you wont be able to post much but you can always access us

Hi Sausage..5 months and 1 day well done..how do you feel?whats the weather like now? kids still bored I send some sunshine over the wall for you.

Hi lifechange coffee for you here, how are you?I had homemade rhubarb crumble, first rhubarb out of the garden last night and it was lovely.So you live in Berlin?Where about ?though it will all have changed now Many moons ago (30 yrs )I lived there, in the days of the wall and the Ubahn and Sbahn.I lived near Hertzstrasse, memories are fading, but used to go down the Grunewald. I promised myself I would go back to see the difference and I will.Anyway, I digress ,how are you?Still as positive as ever I see ..good for you.Day 10 for you.. DOUBLE FIGURES .I am sure your children notice the difference too so keep going..remember when it gets tough we are all here..bang those keys!

Good morning Lav..brew for you too.Love the pics of the muffins...hot with melted butter mmmmm ;)Great strategy by the way for dealing with bored kids!!Did you get much done in the garden?how is the cooking going? do you never stop ;)

Good morning Kaslo how are you this fine day?Very impressed with your cooking skills sounds delicious.I am very much like you.My wife can take it or leave it too.Me I was pretty much in the same mode as you,the on/off button was broken.My thoughts with booze was more or less"there is still some left..why?Needs to be nothing left.That would include any type of plonk in the house be it red wine which I hate, beer,Scotch anything.

Morning Gman ..all ok down under??

Turn again how are you?Thank you for your comments. does peace and tranquility reign with you today or is there another noise bombardment?Did you go to the gym yesterday?

Hi Sunflower.. now on coffeee number 2 ..you for one?Well done double figures for you too today.Not really fair, your husband amplifying your issues, whilst he has his own.Why do people try and fault others as opposed to looking at themselves first.You are doing great keep going!

Hi Lilly E again well done to you..although you clearly did not have as much fun as the nugget trying to hassle you.After all you just went home after watching the circus,sober and in your own bed.Woke up the next day with a clear head and a plan, whereas he, after pissing everybody off gets to spend the night in Hotel a la cop shop,probably gets nicked for being a pain,cant remember what he did, except his pockets tell him he spent quite a bit of dosh, gets released the next morning with a thumping headache, no plan except to go for "hair of the dog" and hey ho off we go again on the roundabout.Pretty sure who made the right choice ;)
Well done on Day 23..I am on 20..but I will catch you up..Duh :H and well done on the smoking
Well everyone thats me going now..stubbed my big toe a bit back, and it has got infected so got to go to the foot doctor.. dreading it.

Anyway have a nice af day everybody and remember,..the little monster wont get in unless you let him in.Take care


July 23rd, 2012, 03:03 AM
good monday morning everyone!!
dear Mick, i so look forward to sharing a cup of coffee with you each morning. and rhubarb crumble is one of my fav's! thanks for sharing. you seem to be in great spirits this morning. your posts always get us off on the right foot. speaking of, i hope your toe is ok! damn that can be painful. was everything okey dokey with the blood tests?
the sun is out and shining here as well!! glory be-- i live in the former eastern part of berlin-- the neighborhood is called prenzlauer berg. bordered by friedrichshein, mitte, pankow--maybe you're familiar with one of those names? you should def. come back if you get the chance! how long did you live here? were you here for work?

Lilly, great to hear of your learning experiences. i'm so proud of you for being so strong and i've learned from you as well. namely, i will be stearing clear of any such situations!! i have another salsa concert this friday--(my bf is columbian and there are lots of old time legends performing this year) but i'm not worried about drinking there. i've now told my bf of my plan to be completely sober and i think he's relieved! and otherwise i'll be staying away from potential danger. what is it that you have to go to this weekend? with you're 22 days, you're bound to be the 2nd boot camper to make it to 30!!!!

Kaslo, as always, i get so much out of each and every post you write. thank you for sharing your experiences and in doing so, adding to my level of insight. i feel so excited about my new life. and about all the possibilities.

July 23rd, 2012, 03:13 AM
Lavande, i bet those kids kept their mouths shut after that!! i will definately be using that strategy the very next opportunity i have. fortunately the sun is shining brightly-- and should be the whole week. how's the chopra (sp) meditation going? how often are they offered? could you post that website one last time.? i've misplaced it.

Turn, your post was perfect for me to read last night at midnight before going to bed. i loved the recall of events. you've got such a nice sense of humour-- thank you!

a big hello to Sunflower, Porquoi, Pap and Shue!!!

i have to hurry off to work this (late!!) morning. last night my eldest (louisa) came home early from her vacation with dad and sis. she was home sick and mama sick--. she took the train from dresden to berlin, arriving around 9 last night. it is so good to have her home and i'm so happy to have this time to be alone with her. i feel as if i've been given a "new lease on life" as they say. i can begin to show her who i really am! she knows in her heart already, i think. but i can show her.

wishing you all a wonderful day!!

July 23rd, 2012, 03:58 AM
Lifechange, you sound so positive and happy - it's great! I take it you're feeling better than you were post the exchanges with your boyfriend about childrearing? Salsa concerts sound like a lot of fun and if you know you can go and not drink then that should be a great evening out. It's great you've told your boyfriend - it will help keep you accountable - and that it sounds like he'll be supportive too.

LC, my challenge next weekend is of a very different sort, where I'm far more worried about myself than the influence of others. I'm going to a very high-end fancy restaurant for a degustation at a restaurant I've that I've wanted to try forever and which we had to book ages in advance. The friend I'm going with has been very supportive about my not drinking so I'm not worried about that. I'm more worried about the temptation of how associated a "nice" glass of wine is in a place like that and how easy it would be to think "Oh we're spending all this money on a nice meal I just have to have the wine to go with it". But I will be strong and remind myself of all the reasons not to in advance and hopefully just be able to enjoy and focus on the food all the more!

Mick, the silly nugget not only had to spend the night in the cop shop but got a $500 fine for being drunk and disorderly! This is a guy my friend - whose birthday it was and who herself clearly has a major drinking problem herself - has just started seeing. Oh dear… her email to me was just 'ha ha how funny' and I just thought, 'You know, actually it is really not normal or funny for him to end up in a jail cell after your birthday party love'. But no point saying it as I know she's not at all ready or interested in hearing it right now, more's the pity.

Have a lovely day all.

Lilly x

July 23rd, 2012, 06:16 AM
Good morning all you fabber abbers!

I've missed y'all. I see lots of new faces. Love it! We finally moved in a couple days ago. Still a boatload to do but happy to be in. I managed to continue to stay beast-free through it all. My new neighbor came over to introduce herself yesterday. As she was leaving she said, "Oh you will have to come over to have a glass of wine soon." I just smiled and nodded. I'll happily sip with her but it won't
be wine or any other alcohol, for that matter.
Ok, I'm off to beat the crowds at the grocery store. Whoop de freaking do!
I'll try to be better about checking in more often and reading about the goings on around here.

July 23rd, 2012, 06:45 AM
Morning All...A little frustrated this morning. Assurances from my lawyer that I would see documents yesterday resulted in nothing!! So here I am again wondering what the *#&@ is happening. Hate to post negatively after all the positive morning posts but I needed to get that out so it doesn't eat at me all day today. I think my motto for today is "one hour at a time". Have some coping skills in place and I always have MWO for support. Maybe by the time I say goodnight all will be right. Have a good one. PQ

July 23rd, 2012, 07:11 AM
TurnAgain has one year alcohol free!

One year smoke and booze free! Congratulations Turn! :h

July 23rd, 2012, 07:14 AM

July 23rd, 2012, 08:10 AM
Turnagain!!! Wow!! I remember when you first came on board!!! Wow, a year passes by frighteningly fast (when you are there to remember it). How about an accecptance speech? What have you learned in this sober year?? I am so very proud of you!!!!! Well done, dear friend!!! Byrdie

July 23rd, 2012, 10:17 AM
Turnagain..please accept my apaologies..I never even realised it was a year well done you

July 23rd, 2012, 10:19 AM
Posting early for me today!

Mick...I was wondering what time you got up...and then saw that you are in England! The thing with the kids is that their dad told them to never tell anyone because they might come and take them away from us and they would have to go live with a stranger. This is so far from reality. But, how freaking scary for the kids to have to think that. He totally has no idea what that does to a kid....and thinks he was protecting the family.

Lilly....recently I had to go to a fancy restaurant for work. I commented that my $30 pasta was much better without booze:). For that kind of $$ I want the full flavor:)

Turn....1 year! You have been such a support to me here!

Porq...I hate not knowing. Patience is not a virtue of mine.

I am going to 2 meetings today, working and yoga tonight! The family is out of town and being alone is a big danger for me.

July 23rd, 2012, 12:00 PM
A big CONGRATS to you Turn!!! a whole year of conquering the Beast!!
i would also love to hear more from you--
what will you do to celebrate?
wishing you a wonderful re-birthday--

July 23rd, 2012, 12:59 PM
Good afternoon Abbers!

Thanks for the coffee this morning Mick :)
I had to run out early so I couldn't stay. I am the queen of staying busy ~ keeps my mind off of other things that could and have depressed me in the past, if you know what I mean. One thing I am damn sure of is that we cannot change anyone but ourselves ;)

Lifechange - enjoy that brand new lease on life - it's all yours!!!

Greetings Lily & the missing Almost! Thought you had moved to someplace with no internet - yikes! Glad you are settling in your new home!

porqoui, it's perfectly OK to feel frustrated so long as you don't drink over it & use some of the new tools you've been gathering here. Hope things settle down for you soon.

Hello to Fly & Byrdie, great to see both of you!

SunFlower, as hard as it is raising kids, I imagine not having the proper emotional support from their Dad makes your job a bit harder. Kids do listen & internalize what they hear.....I know I did as a kid :confused: Hope it all works out for you.

A BIG CONGRATS to our girl Turn on 1 year AF & SF :yay:
You deserve the woman of the year award - I kid you not!!!!!

I am getting some work done & waiting for a call from the Vet's office. Took my little doggie in for her spay surgery today & for a microchip implant. Dogs tend to wander around here especially when they have hound dog blood running thru their veins like Matilda does :H

July 23rd, 2012, 03:35 PM
Turnski, you rock! A YEAR...
You cant get a year in edgewize unless you really have let go. Well done, my friend.


Hi to all. Everyone sounds good, Porquoi, if you are not doing well please dont worry about venting or being negative. With us you need not stand on ceremony. In fact I would rather see people writing out the pain here, than drinking it because there is no place to let it out.

Also, you dont have to tell us stuff if you dont want to, either. Just letting us know you are struggling / pissed at someone / bored / etc. might help you, and thats great!

I dont have a lotta time today, preparing quotes before I leave for the north tomorrow. I will try to check in but I might not be around much. One thing is definetely for sure....


July 23rd, 2012, 04:56 PM
Fabbies, I am finally tucked in bed with my Ipad. 500 km drive, 4 meetings, dinner with my staff then drinks with a client ... Virgin mojito + an extra soda was fantastic on this hot hot night.

I am very very happy for Turn, and I do second Lav's initiative.

Mick, thank you for the wonderful start. Watch it, one of these days I'll serve you a full Ulster fry. I am blessed to be married to the Irish jock.

Life, salsa sounds great, wonderful way to keep happy and keep that body moving. My boy is 8.

Sunflower, I was thinking of you and your "college fund" as I was driving through fields of sunflowers today. Wonderful sight.

Almost moved, you are 5 months sober, sweetie. And waht a wonderful chance to introduce yourself to your new neighbors as a non drinker. No questions asked, they'll just have to accept it. I am so happy to hear from you.

Kas, I hope you don't get to see any bears out in the wild .... For the bear's sake. And I agree with you for Porquoi .... Vent away, Honey, pour it all out. I 'll listen.

Lilli .... Becoming dependable is wonderful, such a positive feeling. Sweet revenge on the guy who had to spend the night in jail.

Friends, I am off to the land of nod and I am warning you I am hogging the sleepfairy this night. Fly ... You'll have to wrestle me for her. I am not leeting go.

July 23rd, 2012, 05:18 PM
Have a good sleep shue ;)

Kaslo, wishing you a safe journey to the north tomorrow! Will it be cold there? The heat & humidity are getting to me again.

I have my post op patient home, she's resting comfortably on one of the baby blankets. I was given pain medication & sedation to give her if necessary. Nurse Lav will be on duty tonight :H


July 23rd, 2012, 05:18 PM
Big congrats Turnagain!
You go!!!

July 23rd, 2012, 07:04 PM
Awww.. omigosh, has Matilda ever grown!!!! Hope she'll have a good night (and nurse Lav, too) :)

Quick check in... summer is in full swing here, just had the grand kids for FOUR days (I don't know how you do it, Lav) and now it's time to do a major house clean... my dad and his squeeze are set to arrive on Saturday. Right now, Mr. W's eldest is here with 4 of his friends... there's just never enough going on around here :H

I hope you're all doing well... Turnip... huge congrats!! :l

July 23rd, 2012, 08:03 PM

Yes ONE WHOLE YEAR of NEW NORMAL feels wonderful! I think back to the scared, sad person I was when I first came here and it sure makes a difference to be free of this addiction.

I'm working on finally telling a little bit of my journey in the Tell Us Your Story Thread....I am so grateful to all of you....thank you for helping me live again!

July 23rd, 2012, 09:02 PM
TURN!! Whoo hoo!!! CONGRATULATIONS my friend!! I am so happy for you and so proud of you! I look forward to your posts as the wonderful treat they are! You have blossomed and grown so much this past year and it is such a pleasure to be your MWO friend!! I am just so knackered over this!! :h :h

Lav-Matilda is in the bestest of hands for her recovery. Hope she doesn try to chew her stitches too much. Too bad she's a big girl now-baby onsies do a fab job of protecting the stitches and removing the need for the Cone. Please let us know how she's doing.

Everyone sounds great tonite. Glad to see Sunnibutt popping her head in to say hi! I hope your charging B&B rates!! :H

Dinner with my dad tonite. Salmon and the sweetest corn on the cob EVAH!! We talked about my interview on Wed and getting ready for salary negotiations (hopefully!) and we also talked about trading in my Jeep and selling the paphut to buy a Camper Van!! It will be my one and only vehicle. I've finally come to the conclusion that the reason I haven't taken the Paphut out in over a year is that I am just plain scared of towing something!! I've been procrastinating all this time. Ok, maybe that isn't true. I really didn't have proper tow vehicle until April but I still feel like I'm stalling. I think the Camper Van or Class B RV is just the ticket if I can find a used one in my price range. Possible. I'll have to be very careful of course to make sure the engine and everything works and is in good shape but you have to do that with any car. The mpg should be about what I'm getting now. Plus, I feel the dogs will be so much safer in that type of vehicle than in the crumple zone of an SUV. So, wish me luck on both accounts!!

July 23rd, 2012, 09:27 PM
Turnagain, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you do something special to mark this achievement and reflect back on how far you'd come. As someone else said, no pressure, but I'd also love to hear more about how you feel about where you are now compared to where you were a year ago. I'd love to know more of your story so will be keeping an eye out on the other thread.

In the meantime... :bday3:

Shue, glad you are home safe and sound - what a trip. Your job sounds super challenging so you must really feel the difference between coping with trips like that now and when you were drinking. I also meant to say to your earlier post about turning down work - I think that's terrific! As you said earlier, about becoming more selfish being a good sign of a transition in this process, I'm sure that is a great sign of the fact that protecting your sobriety and therefore yourself has become more important to you. And, you know what? You will never look back at the end of your days and think, "Gee, I wish I'd worked more". But you would look back - much sooner than that - and very, very much regret it if undue work stress led to you drinking again.

Sunflower, good point re the food. I do know that when I am drinking there comes a point when I couldn't care less about the food, however fancy - I just want to drink more! I have had expensive dinners like that where it felt like a bit of a waste as I ended up too pissed to focus on or remember the food. And I guess every time we do something like that sober - that we previously had associated with booze - then we retrain our brain. I think the fact I'm approaching 30 days will really help keep me strong. I'd hate to cave in to Al on Day 26.

Happy days to you all...