View Full Version : Should Detox include dropping current supplement regime?

May 4th, 2007, 01:33 PM
Hi all!
Just read MWO book with supplement advice. I?m not sure if I should drop my current supplement regimen and do the MWO which is not so very different. My Dr. isn?t a supplement expert, but my Acupuncturist is and will have input and I?ll be seeing her later this month. I?m very excited to tell her about MWO since she?s starting at an addiction/rehab center soon (as a DOM), but then I haven?t been totally frank with just how much I?ve been drinking during the two years I?ve been seeing her.
Current supps:
- Fat Blaster by Biochem which promotes liver health, has lower dose of Milk Thistle and lots of other detox, craving control ingredients.
- CoQ10
- Country Life Chewable Multi (2 months worth to go ?)
- Chinese Patent Formulas: Xiao Yao Wan (relieves Stagnant Liver Qi: irritability, headaches, heartburn, painful periods, moodiness, and feeling wound up), and Central Qi Pills for fatigue.
(Note: I think all these have helped me keep my drinking less problematic because I?m not as bad as I was couple years ago, but still have had enough foul days to want to stop.)
These are probably MWO-compatible
- Emergen-C joint health ? 1000 mg of vitamin C
- Fish oil capsules about 4000 mg a day
- Ground Flax seed
Things that are definitely MWO-compatible
- Evening Primrose oil ? about 2000 mg a day
- Ionic Fizz Calcium/Magnesium
- Kudzu & L-glutamine just arrived!
Not sure about this:
- Hoodia for appetite control during work day when I can?t get to food easily, not ready for Topa, but the appetite suppressant weight loss aspect is very attractive to me, vain gal that I am!
I guess cost shouldn't be an issue considering how much I'm saving by not having any wine. I've been AF 5 days, so by this time I should have gone through 2 or 3 bottles of wine at $6-12 each, not to mention wine while eating out!