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April 7

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    Hi all,

    I have just been in a funk. Fixing my knee ruined my spine, and correcting that is ruining my foot. What good is that going to do?? I’m still hobbled. Sick of pain, sick of not being able to do normal things that would feel good, like taking a little walk. I really relate to TG’s insights into all of the losses that she is contending with, with Long Covid. I feel those acutely too.
    We all do, with all of our various losses with all of our various health problems. So, just crying a lot today.
    And I foolishly put too strong of an ice bag on my sore foot yesterday, kinda forgot about it with the relief of pain on the top of my foot, and think I suffered frostbite to my toes. I guess I didn’t feel them because of the peripheral neuropathy. So stupid.

    Lav, another idea for YB would be to go to a regenerative pain clinic.

    I sure hope that toothache passes you by, PQ. Wouldn’t it be lucky if it was just a little temporary sensitivity?

    Mick, I was wondering if you were still on mince & dribble…I suppose, until the teeth got fixed.
    I’ll have to go see ‘Mousetrap’ if it’s ever showing in this area. It sounds like the kind of play I would like.
    Statins do cause muscle pain. I would rather not be on them if possible.

    TG, hopefully Stepdaughter’s cost of living will be cheaper when she moves, so she can stop relying on you.

    I did see the total eclipse, right from their backyard (D3’s house). The outdoor lights on the neighborhood houses are on sensors, and they all came on when it got dark out. The total eclipse lasted for 3 minutes.
    Now they are in Florida for 5 days (D3 & her HB & baby Andy), and I’m happy for them that they found a way to get away for a little vacation to enjoy the warmth and the beach for a bit. They consider it a “baby-moon” vacay (a getaway before a new baby arrives) and also a celebration of their 5th anniversary -which is this Summer, when the baby is due.

    I hope you are all having enjoyable days!

    Once a pickle, never a cucumber again.


      Good evening friends,

      Waiting for a bunch of rain to move in, not that we really need more right now. Doing my best to will it northwest to you PQ 😊
      Nothing real exciting going on here & that’s OK.

      PQ, glad you had a better day yesterday. Dealing with water restrictions is a pain, we have been through that to some degree years ago. We’re on our own well here so we need to be sure we’re not emptying it, that’s for sure. When people around here need to fill swimming pools they call a company that delivers water in a huge tanker. Don’t know what the cost is for that, can’t be real cheap. We didn’t put a pool in when we built this house. We did put one at our previous house, it was great entertainment. I hope your gardens get enough water to be happy.

      Mick, I do have some weird muscle aches from time to time but they don’t last long. I think it’s due to age more than anything so I’ve stayed on the statin. I just don’t want to go out the way my brother & father did if you know what I mean. Get your cholesterol level checked in a few months & see where it stands. If your doc still wants you on a statin try a different statin, they’re not all the same.

      Slo, I’m sorry you’re feeling so down & blue. You have a lot to cope with, for sure. Have you ever tried an antidepressant? They can be helpful, I took Lexapro for 2 years then was told to go off it & I did. For the last 15 years I’ve been maintaining myself of a St John’s Wort product called Amoryn. Keeps my mood stable, don’t have those highs & lows anymore.
      YB has been getting steroid injections for his pain complaints from a ‘pain specialist’. The relief he gets doesn’t last long, he needs an actual workup & proper Dx. I hope your toes are OK, you don’t need any more problems, take care.

      Cyn, hope you are OK today & hello to Pie.

      Have a nice night all & enjoy this Baby Boomer piece I saw on FB 😊

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      Success comes one day at a time :thumbs:


        Mick, I just thought of something I should have mentioned to you re: Statins.
        When I first started on atorvastatin 10 mg daily I also started a CoQ10 supplement. Some say it helps prevent muscle pain & I think it has helped me. A few years ago I switched to a CoQ10 supplement with curcumin which has really helped my knees a lot in addition to the myalgia. Just some food for thought 😊.
        AF since 03/26/09
        NF since 05/19/09
        Success comes one day at a time :thumbs:


          Mae all how are we doing today then? hope all is good .Overcast here today but its dry ...took the camera out this morning a few nice shots including some of a terrapin .there are quite a few in the lake and the canal ..apparently ..they were won at a fairground about 50 years ago ..and were released into the lake and survived since.supposed to be a nice weekend ...fingers crossed.

          hiya Lav how are you doing .? hope all is well.thank you for the information .Last night I tried without statins or freeze I intend to narrow it down .Without doubt I have no muscular pain which I did can only be one of those 3 things ..I will try it all by a process of elimination .plus I intend to get my chol tested again .Ive heard of Co Q10 before ..that pic was brill ..first thing I did was go through all the titles and see if I could remember the artists ...sad to say ....I could .hope you have a great weekend .

          hiya Slo ...hope you are feeling a bit more up today...we all go through crappy times with their own reasons behind them....its getting out of that gloom thats the secret .teeth are fixed..but mouth takes time for adjustment .The mousetrap was superb ...there is another one "Murder on the Orient Express" in September so hopefully we will get to that. hope you manage to uplift your mood ...have a great weekend

          hello everyone else ..hope you are all good .have a great weekend
          af since the fourth of July 2012...howzat then proudly marching into year 12


            Greetings Mick & everyone,

            Had lots of rain & high winds overnight, still windy even now. Didn’t bother going anywhere or doing anything special today. I’m kind of waiting for the tree pollens to decrease, allergy symptoms have been ridiculous.

            Glad you got out with the camera today Mick. I’ve been hearing an entire symphony of frogs every evening lately, this is their time of year I guess. I’ll be finding turtles out back any time soon. Nature is everywhere. Back to the statins for a minute - while lowering your cholesterol they are also reversing plaque buildup in your arteries. This is good news as far as preventing heart attacks & strokes. That’s why I keep taking the medication, my family history has me scared. We have a genetic thing causing our cholesterol level to go high regardless of what we are eating or how we exercise. Lucky us!

            what’s up with everyone else? I think I’ll check back in a few hours.
            Until then I hope everyone has a good evening.

            AF since 03/26/09
            NF since 05/19/09
            Success comes one day at a time :thumbs:


              MAE ALL...sorry for not posting last night but I was wiped out when I got home late from work. One of the childcare directors decided she wanted to open fall registration up yesterday. Although I had the programs finished there was still the matter of composing the registration procedure email complete with screen shots for her to send to current parents. Heaven help her do it even though she talks the big talk. Thanks for the heads up, NOT. It actually didn't get out until today, but geeze, it's not like I don't have my own work to do.

              Mick...yes, the toothache went away. In order for a trip to the dentist to happen I'd have to find a dentist. That's one thing that's not covered under my senior's health care and they're very expensive, as you well know. Did you get out with your friend yesterday? Interesting story about the terrapin. Won at a fairground 50 years ago, wow. It's supposed to be a nice weekend here too, not quite up to Lav's 77F but 66F is good enough for me.

              Slo...sorry you've been in a weeping mood, I can relate, it's not fun. Are your toes ok? Good to know that could happen though. The toothache pain, thankfully, was short lived but I know it's more than a sensitivity issue. I had been waiting for the Fed's announcement of the new Dental Care for Senior's and of course I don't qualify with this current announcement. I've managed to save a little with the raises and bonuses I've gotten so it may have to got to the dentist. Glad you were able to see the eclipse!

              Lav...I appreciate the effort you're putting in to send your rain to me. I do not miss the days of living off well water, there was always something going wrong, especially when the oil companies started fracking on the land. At one point we had to get water hauled in to fill up an underground cistern. I didn't even know it was there. LOL At least the vegetable community garden will be safe with the water restrictions. It's supposed to be a nice weekend ahead of another spring snow storm Mon/Tue. I even switched my dermatologist appointment to Friday so I didn't have to try figure out where I was going in a snow storm.

              Fulfilled all my deadlines before leaving earlier today so the phone is off. Boss has taken Monday off so he can deal with anything that comes up over the weekend. It's my son's 41st birthday today so I think I'll just have birthday cake for supper. LOL Shout out to everyone else, hoping all is good. Have a good night...PPQP


                Howdy all,

                Mick - I started a statin (against my will) after I had that heart procedure last fall... they thought that with the somewhat blockage of the main artery, I should do a "preventative." I sure did not want to do it - and I waited for awhile because I was just starting at Trader Joe's, and knew that the job would make me sore and fatigued, so how would I know what was causing what. So I waited, but now am taking it... i don't care much about what things might happen to me, but one thing I hope to avoid is a stroke, so I take the statin.
                Isn't "Mousetrap" a fantastic play? I remember when it was on Broadway here, years ago... very famous actors were in it (who??? i dunno,) and it played a long time.

                Lav, thanks for that great info on taking the Curcumin along with the statin... brilliant. I will look at your post again and see exactly which one you take. Hope your allergies improve - they are no fun! And I hope that you are seeing lots of signs of spring. Do you remember sending me a magnet of Longwood gardens? I look at it every day - it is on my range hood, holding up a list of the Trader Joe's codes for different food items... I'm trying to memorize them (not going all that well...) but I think of you when I see the magnet!

                PPQ - sorry about the tooth, and also all the extra work; what would that place do without you? Glad that you are getting temps up to 66,,, that's major - you are beating Nebraska at this point! You have access to my good wishes for your work everyday - just ask and it will flow to you!

                SLO, gosh what troubles you are having - I hope the coming light of spring and summer will come into your soul and soothe you. I am making myself a promise to get at least 15 minutes a day of sunshine on my skin and reflected into my eyes. Apparently those 2 things can lift our spirits a lot. I'll think of you when I go outside!

                At my last rehab session, the speech Therapist and I talked about Spoon Theory. I was familiar with it already, (from the Sobriety community) but it was good to revisit it for my current situation. I used it today to keep myself from doing too much and then being tired and disheartened tomorrow... (article link below).

                'I can't today, I'm running low on spoons' isn't the typical excuse you'd expect when a friend cancels, but it says a lot more than you might think

                I am headed to bed now... I will be at the Cathedral tomorrow at 9 to help set the reception up for the funeral of my dear Elder friend. The service is at 11, so at least early in the day we will be able to gather, and my energy will be brighter when I see all sorts of people that I haven't encountered for awhile. The Burial service will be beautiful... she was a major supporter of the Symphony here, so there will be instrumental musicians playing, probably the full choir singing, etc. You know, if you're going to go, might as well have it be a big bash, right?

                Sending good vibes and healing thoughts to all - sorry if I missed someone or something, I am half asleep! Cheers,


                  MAE to our little gang!

                  Lav, that sounds miserable dealing with pollen allergies. So you had a pool that the kids grew up with?! An above-ground, or in-ground?
                  We are due to have sun here this weekend! Turtles are so cute. Spring is coming.
                  I am already on Lexapro -have been on it for a very long time.
                  I remember most all of those songs, Lav! The playlist of my childhood.

                  I just got weepy realizing the depth of my health woes, and that I won’t ever really recover from them, That I am permanently impaired. Hope is dashed.
                  I took the orthotics out today anyways, and am just using a lift under the shoe’s original insole (as well as the built-up outer sole. Those orthotics are hard, and painful to stand on! And leave my feet sore and hurting.. A colossal waste of $700-$800 for those. Eliminating those has helped with some of the foot pain.

                  PQ, it seems like the childcare person could work on the email if she wants to rush the Fall sign-up. Otherwise, give a week’s or at least a few day’s notice. Cake & celebration will be a yummy dinner! I love sweets, as it turns out. Efforts to be sugar-free are out the window.
                  Interesting observation that wells wouldn’t work that well in a fracking area.
                  It looks like I probably suffered no permanent frostbite injury to my toes, thankfully. It’s hard to tell, since those toes hurt anyways from being smashed up against the wall of the shoe.

                  How was St. Aiden’s, Mick?
                  I’m almost sure that I read “Murder on the Orient Express” by Agatha Christie. That and “Black Coffee”.

                  I went out to lunch with my sister today, so that was comforting. And got a chance to visit with a nice neighbor lady. On Sunday I am going up to D1’s, and can visit with them and the three little grandchildren -before they grow too much! I don’t want to miss it!

                  Once a pickle, never a cucumber again.


                    hiya all how are we today? hows the weekend doing? been raining here today but has just faired off so Im going out for a wee while .Planted quite a few seeds this morning ..beetroot cucumber ,radish rocket lettuce spring onion and also sunflowers nasturtium and blue moon .out with camera tomorrow .Again a morning with no pain ..thats 5 days now ..the more I do the more I feel I want to sack the statins .

                    hiya Slo ..St Aidens was rained off...went to Daisy nook yesterday instead .some nice pics and trying out the new lens .Its ergonomically sound as well as being a good lens .I understand you feeling weepy and looking on the dark side ,but things good be worse ...and I dont mean that flippantly ...there is always someone worse off than your good self .Its a case of adaptability and determination ...never give up .Pick a challenge and go for it will surprise yourself .

                    hiya teegee are you doing today?hope everything goes as well as can be expected for your friends farewell.Ive never heard of the spoon theory ..need to have a look at that .Yes the mousetrap was ace ...a real twist at the end ..

                    hiya Lav are you today then? have you still got the wind ...not you ...but you know what I mean ...weve had some real hooleys .I understand about the statins bit to balance physical daily aches against a possible futuristic happening is a bitter pill to swallow ..(pun intended)you any plans for the weekend?

                    hiya are you doing ? hope you are ok and phone is orf for the weekend ...glad the toothache has need any more rain you can have some from over here ..hope the weekend is a good un .

                    big shout to everyone else ..

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                      Hey gang,

                      We’ve had a sunny Saturday, 60 degrees but still very windy. Tomorrow is supposed to be better
                      I made a trip to the grocery store, such excitement haha! I’m sitting here with CNN on the TV listening to reports of Iran sending drones & ballistic missiles into Israel. This will not end well, more death & carnage for the innocents, how sad.

                      PQ, I’m sorry they’re working your butt off at work, sounds like you accomplished a lot though. Happy belated birthday to your son. Hope the cake was good 😊
                      there’s a lot of fracking going on in the western edge of our state. It seems like all bad news follows. I believe our local politicians will prevent that from happening here. Hope your weekend is restful.

                      Cyn, this is the product I take, not cheap but does a pretty good job. I order 3-6 bottles at a time for a better price: Cur-Q10 ULTRA on stop aging
                      I really think it helps & have had no side effects which is good. I do remember the Longwood magnet, glad it brings you some joy. I hope the service went as well as possible today, I know your friend was a special lady. Take good care of yourself.

                      Slo, I hope you’re in better spirits today. I know you’ve been overwhelmed with an awful lot over the last few years, it does take a toll. We’re just human after all, right?
                      I got to thinking about Tolle, ‘The Power of Now’. Have you read it? It really helped me learn to stay present & not worry about the ‘what ifs’ in the future. We really only have now.
                      I dug out a few pics, hopefully to make you smile. Our previous house was a 1920’s Craftsman style & was in pretty poor condition. After we got it more ‘livable’ we decided to put the pool in back. Our yard backed up to a wooded park so we had occasional, uninvited visitors, Lol (Check the right back corner in the 2nd pic). The pool gave us some peace because going to one of the community pools meant there was always someone in our faces to complain about something either police related or drug store related (YB’s father owned a drug store in town). It never stopped so we put the pool in to preserve sanity. It took a good deal of work to keep it up but we enjoyed it. Just didn’t feel the need to have one here. Now that YB has melanoma it’s just as well we didn’t.

                      Hello to Pie!

                      Have a nice night all.
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