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    Please help me successfulmoderators...



    I have orderd thepack, the supps and the CD's

    My aim is moderate drinking

    I currently have the ability to moderate some times but am also prone to devastating binges which seem to grab me out of nowhere and will start with one heavy night and then often lead toanother big night, another big night untili eventually stop broken and defeated,

    Should I definitely add Topamax to my regime? Can I Really even consider moderation as a realistic goal? I planned to start with a 30 day abs and to take all the supps as recommended

    Please get back tome,I really need your advice,I am getting pretty scared now about this problem


    Charlie from London

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    Please help me successfulmoderators...


    Hi and welcome to mods. Sorry to be so long responding to your questions . .. I don't get online here many days during the week.

    You ask a lot of good questions, but I would have to say I don't have the answers you're looking for. I don't know you the way you know you. Your path will unfold. The answers to your questions will become clear. Stay with us and you will find your way out.

    The plan of taking the supps and listening to CDs and going for 30 days without alcohol is a good start. Jump onto a 30 day support thread - don't try to white knuckle it by yourself.

    Read old threads, stay connected to people here and I promise you will begin to see your way out.

    I remember being very scared, which is actually good for motivation! but you will learn here that you make the decisions, and you are in control (or not). Its not something that "happens to you" although I remember feeling that way: I would say "no drinking tonight" and then at 6 PM I'd be pouring a glass of wine that I hadn't consciously agreed to. Listen to the tapes, which help you "meet" and express your real wishes to that part of your brain that pours the drink. Learning to hear that voice (which is initially below your level of conscious awareness) is a first step. Many here call that voice "the beast". I recognize it as a self destructive part of me that wants control.

    So a long post to say: please stay around. Read a lot. Commit to learning about this whole process.



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    Please help me successfulmoderators...

    Hi Charlie,

    Urgently do research about alcoholism and KINDLING on Wikipedia - it scared me badly today.
    I wish you luck.

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    Please help me successfulmoderators...

    Welcome Charlie,
    The bingeing is the scary part - can mod well one night and then the next you're going "What happened?"
    It is extremely difficult to moderate but some of us are still plugging away trying to make it work for ourselves. Look through some of the old posts here on the long term mod board. There is a ton of good info.
    Good luck and come hang with us here as we all struggle together.



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