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    April Mod Thread

    I know it's not April yet, but I thought I would start this one here. I had a dream the other night I am going to post. Perhaps you will all have some fun trying to interpret. My hypnotherapist wants to try, I am doubting she can, but she has surprised me in the past. I think my other Dr. will have a better chance of deciphering it. I know that knowing me as a person would probably help, unfortunately you don't have that, but do the best you can....I think it's quite interesting...

    "I was with someone, maybe it was my buddy XXXX, I don't remember, but we made a turn on a ski traverse and it led to a trail that was going uphill (the exact opposite of what it should be). Whoever it was next to me said, "It looks like we made a wrong turn." There were people trying to go up hill...I don't recall if they were trying to walk up (duck walk with skis on) with their skis or hike. I think they were mostly younger too... I think mostly female, but I don't remember, exactly - they were definitely having a rough time of it. When I say younger, I mean young adult. I think I then said, "No, I want to go this way." Let's just say it was my buddy XXXX with me, he was like, "Huh, are your nuts, that looks awful!!" They were DEFINITELY struggling, I don't think any of them were making any real ground. I did decide to go that route... I don't know what happened after that."


    Hi, everyone.
    Library Girl, welcome back! I remember you from way back. Ducky, you too. Let's get our group going again. Lasha, GREAT to hear from you, too! I think if we all come back here with some frequency, it will help each of us.

    Stewarts, I don't know what to say about your dream. I dream so frequently and in such detail, that I can't see anything weird at all about your ski trip dream.

    I am doing pretty well. Don't drink each night, usually stay to two glasses of wine when I do. Of course, I did go way off at my sister-in-law's party in February ... poor choice on my part to say the least. However, spring is coming and with it lots more sun and good things. Lasha, we do have a change of times here in the States. I also love it when the time changes and it is light so much later. By the Solstice, it will be still very light here even at 10:30 at night. Lots of fun!

    I will be better about checking in more frequently. I do miss our group!


      Hi All,

      Dreams are strange, I dream every night and they don't make any sense to me. I know one thing if I drink I don't dream so much so its a good thing!

      NNG, Good to hear from you where has the golfer gone?

      Friday night and we're going for our weekly trip to our local, didn't go last week mind you. Looking forward to it and will have 2 drinks maybe 3 and home.
      So good not to have a rotten handover in the morning I cant believe how much I used to drink.
      Still organising my GH bookings for the coming Summer and going up to Sunny Shetland to look after things, looking forward to it.

      Keep on modding you know it makes sense
      It's not what you drink, it's how much!


        Happy Easter. Family coming which means Mimosas and wine. Good weather !!!

        Will be good to eat well, drink a bit, and be happy. !!!

        Been a lloonngg... Winter


          Happy Monday, all!
          Hope the mimosas, the ciders and the Easter celebrations all went beautifully. We went to our friends' house for ham, etc. They are non-drinkers, and it is always a lovely time. For more than 25 years, we have had dinner with this same couple almost every Saturday. So good to have a long-standing friendship with another couple.

          No other news, just wanted to keep in touch as I had promised.
          Have a great week!


            The golfer is back! Hi everyone. Good to see group reforming.

            Am vacillating right now between modding & quitting. Not hungover or anything, am just a bit tired of it. Good reason to take a break. Focus has been more on getting weight down which I did successfully but up a few lbs now. Time to zap that in the bud too.

            Lasha, can you golf where you are? Talking weather wise. I recently took a 6 series of lessons and so far have gotten handicap from a 27 to a 21. Chasing that 19 so I only have to take a 7. Yesterday was my 2nd best game. Shot an 86. Now don't let the Golf Gods get me. LOL

            LG, saw you on a diff thread. Wasn't sure if you were looking at quitting. Maybe we are similar in that enough is enough. Welcome back. Hi NNG, Stewarts. Eve, would love to have you stop by, impart some wisdom.

            Happy Easter Monday!

            The pain of discipline is less than the pain of regret.


              HI all, well, I actually figured that dream out. I spoke about it with a hypnotherapist, we both came to the same conclusion, while being up for challenges, sometimes there's an easier way to get what you want...i.e., purposely (even if it's unconsciously) making things more difficult for myself than they have to be....

              My Easter weekend went well. I had a few glasses of wine at my cousins, nothing crazy. I did feel bad beginning of the week. My ex-wife and I had to re-file our divorces papers, which was an uncontested divorce...long story, not worth getting into, but we both went down there, fixed what we had to, and everything is's been three lawyer really screwed something up that should've been so easy... anyway, I started getting sick outside the courthouse, in the "beautiful" cityhall area of NYC... My ex-wife hung outside with me for a little while, she gave me hug, told me to go home, relax, not worth going to work (it was Good Friday) I did that. I'm chalking that whole thing up to nerves. At least it's done... We both should've been legally divorced, i.e. final judgment. years ago!


                Hi ALL,

                TMH, welcome back and yes there's plenty of goo golf courses around me I can walk to one. I'm lucky with the weather in Sunny Dorset but not so lucky as you in Fl.
                Who's going to beat Rory in the masters then?

                I'm really cutting back to the point of giving up the al but when you say never it's a horrible thought.

                Keep on modding or abbing you know it makes sense
                It's not what you drink, it's how much!


                  Well, I had a school weekend. We had some finals on Saturday and got out early, so there was definitely some afternoon drinking on Saturday and the weather is finally nice in NYC. It was ok though. Around 9pm or so, when I realized we probably all unwound a little too much, I simply found a cab and went home. I know I was home by like 9:30 or so, got something to eat, watched a little TV and past out. I woke up fine the next day. I did have a little anxiety during the night, when I woke up a few times, but I was fine by the time I had to really wake up. My buddies stayed out to midnight, some didn't make it the next day, well, really just one. I am glad I decided to sneak out and leave early.


                    I'm finding not going out until far later works as well as sneaking off early, it's hard work being a modder, sometimes I think it's easier to abstain but I know I couldn't or wouldn't want to. We had friends over for Sunday dinner and I had a little too much but not that much and I felt a bit down this morning so I must stick to the modding rules more. But I'm still doing ok.

                    GH is going mad with the bookings flowing in so will be too busy in the summer to think about drinking, that's another way keep busy.

                    Weather is great here with the light nights and warm days roll on the music fests.
                    It's not what you drink, it's how much!


                      Well, up in MN for the week. Been doing fairly well. First 2 nites with friends, some wine, then just 1 glass on 2nd nite followed by dinner & 2nd walk of the day. Last nite a couple while family had grilled and ate outside first time this spring. Grandkids loved it. Tonite will be the same with my son & his boys. Asked what should I bring? He said a bottle of wine would be nice. Oops, need to do an airport run. Bye.
                      The pain of discipline is less than the pain of regret.


                        HI, all,
                        Welcome back, TMH! Glad to have you back with us, though it seems none of us are posting as much as we used to, certainly not me. Lasha, I still have hopes of coming to your guest house some year. It sounds so lovely ...

                        I haven't posted for awhile because we had a very big scare in my family. My husband and I were visiting my older brother in another state while his wife was away taking care of her parents. One morning, my brother woke up, said he didn't feel well, and collapsed with a heart attack. We both did cpr on him until the EMTs arrived. My brother eventually was life-flighted to the hospital, was in a coma for several days, but now after couple weeks is getting close to health again, thank God. It was terribly frightening. One take cpr classes hoping to never need them - and then, wham.

                        Now, it is time to focus on my own health. Lose weight. Get back to my walking training (already scheduled for a half-marathon in July which I am NOT ready for). Continue to moderate with an eye to cutting back more. Spring weather is a good motivator!

                        Good luck to everyone. Talk to you soon.


                          Hola all

                          It's been a year of moderating very successfully, generally around 10 drinks a month, never excessive.

                          Because of that, we bought a Lakehouse, we're in the process of fixing it up, and today I'm burning some stuff from the woods, and couldn't be happier about that.

                          If I was still drinking like I was, there would be no lake house, probably no wife, and I'm guessing a host of other problems

                          Taking naltrexone helped, but the real thing was changing my attitude.


                            Hi NNG, Hope your Brother is OK now, what an experience you've been through, Big pat on the back for your CPR.

                            Hola Guapo, Same here but I'm not as low as you on al intake well done. If I'd continued to drink I would have nothing and would probably be in the gutter or dead.

                            I do sometimes think it would be great to wind the clock back 12 years but when I see people enjoying themselves drinking I think now how awful they're going
                            to feel the next day. So much for being a wild musician.

                            It's not what you drink, it's how much!


                              Hi - back in FL & yest finally got myself to the fitness center for a decent workout. Sometimes it seems difficult to get back in routine after being away.

                              NNG, how scary about your brother. Good thing you had CPR training. I had such but years ago. Asked for a class in recent survey that was sentb to us. Hope he is now recovering nicely. Just think, what if you hadn't gone to visit and he would have been alone.

                              Guapo, congrats on new lake house. Tell us more about your attitude change.

                              Hi Lash. Sounds like you are doing well!

                              Having neighbor over for dinner tonight. Her dh has already returned north. Tomorrow dh is coming into blood donation center where I volunteer, giving plasma, & then we are having dinner downtown. Sat we are involved in a Kentucky Derby golf tournament & party complete with mint juleps. (((Sigh))). I know if I just made up my mind I could do all AF.

                              Have a good day & weekend!

                              The pain of discipline is less than the pain of regret.