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    Originally posted by ToMyHealth View Post
    Well, up in MN for the week. Been doing fairly well. First 2 nites with friends, some wine, then just 1 glass on 2nd nite followed by dinner & 2nd walk of the day. Last nite a couple while family had grilled and ate outside first time this spring. Grandkids loved it. Tonite will be the same with my son & his boys. Asked what should I bring? He said a bottle of wine would be nice. Oops, need to do an airport run. Bye.
    HiTMH...I used to be -143...when they moved the site I wasn't able to get back in...but I'm back!!!😀


      Originally posted by behan
      I have been having a poke around this site and its quite clear that most here don't tolerate ANYONE who even mentions the word moderation ..whats up with that ? Why has this site designated moderation threads? Its seems it doesn't seem that free after all ..I have noticed a few here that perpetuate the "I know whats good for you" arrogant types ..thats dangerous....not free at all particulary if you are invited to make your OWN mind up. I keep hearing this I HAVE BEEN HERE for 4 years and NOT one person has successfully moderated. Is this based on this site ? How can this assumption be made based on a online forum with about 300 and a bit active posters ,,,really ?. like 30 users all AA abstinence types...can say this is a reflection of a wider world?

      There is so much more happening with harm reduction ..I admire you guys for posting your experiences against the few here that are irrationally hostile to you!!!! ..they seem to take pleasure in stroking their egos when they slap another person down that even disagrees with their mid set. Very depressing...

      I spose its the word "moderation" they seem to have a few months or 4 to 5 years sober and suddenly they know whats right for every one ...REALLY seems to set the so called knowledgeable Ole posters off ...I think they mean well..... but VERY scary and hard headed we know whats best for you types can cause a lot of damage to vulnerable equates with the parental middle aged syndrome ..I know whats good for shut up and listen to my reality... but that can mean many things..Enlightened approaches to addiction aside from the dark ages abstinence approach are abundantly availabe now its 2015..meds like Naltexone ..Baclofen ect..

      The AA abstinence approach...... look it up which ever way you try to justify it .... shows a relapse result in the 90% range. And this has been consistent since Bill W started AA.

      I admire individuals that tackle the problem of addiction in different ways from the old prohibition abstinence type..
      The harmonization Methadone pro gramme supported with counseling has been established long term success in helping Herion addicts.....
      Much more rational and proven approach than .....withdraw and join a support group its quite distressing that alternative approaches to dealing with a drug problem( in this case alcohol) is left in the so called capable hands of a few what seems middle aged my way or the highway abstinence females... ( Just my observations however they do very much reflect the women of the prohibition age in the 1930's (so regressive)...its quite disturbing that people are still thinking like this in 2015 )
      The medication thread should be vibrant in these enlightened times ..seems that the dark ages still reign on this site ..anyway long winded verbal was to say... I admire the few that get sober by white knuckling and support ..BUT WHERE IS THE SUPPORT FOR THOSE THAT CHOOSE A DIFFERENT APPROACH ....
      .I admire you guys that keep posting here in the moderation thread you are very brave ..considering the nastiness you have to deal with.

      Its amusing that the most active thread on this site is the so called "newbies nest: which offers a place to start..... and obtain LONG TERM sobriety .They should qualify it with a ONLY .as long as you spend half your life longing in and posting HERE ...sound familiar attend 5 meetings a week!!mmmmmmm.. i have noticed except for a handful most move on .its provides little of a start ..there are other better ways ..look around the net!!!!!!

      Stay brave and dont let what you believe is very real and possible TOO be worn down by the few

      All the best love your courage
      wow. can we just return to drinking in peace pls? I am here for moderation support.