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May 12

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    May 12

    Well good evening friends!

    I figured I’d start up this week’s thread if that’s OK. I’ve been busy all day just taking care of business around here. We had sun in between rain showers so it wasn’t a total washout. I had to take my car back to the dealer for a recall issue. Hopefully they’ll get it done early in the morning, hate being without my wheels. I’m working on some pillow orders while i’m cooped up. We will be taking Doc back to the vet tomorrow for suture removal, hope it isn’t too much of a hassle for him or for us Lol.

    Hello to all & wishing everyone a nice night.
    PS: I did get a phone call from my son today for Mother’s Day. That’s all I really wanted.

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    Success comes one day at a time :thumbs:

    MAE ALL....thought I'd just pop in before heading to work. Didn't want Lav to feel all alone. LOL I'll be back after work. Have a good day all....PPQP


      Hiya all...hope we are good getting back to normal...ish picked the rabbits up this morning..its always great to see them .had a bit of work to do on the van so did that ,cut the grass weeded the borders,bought some plants put them in..went to the garage booked the van in for a service and all the belts changed..and that has been my day..gone

      Hiya ppqp have a good day at work..has all the infighting finished now?

      Hiya lav .wow you starting the fred?just like all those years was you and Shue did it Did you get the wheels back?hope all goes well with Doc

      Big hello to everyone else
      af since the fourth of July 2012...howzat then proudly marching into year 12


        MAE ALL...another quiet day, needed that for a Monday. Accountant came in around 9:30 and left by 10:30, why did she even bother. Oh well, it added to the quiet day.

        Mick...glad to see you're home safe and sound and the rabbits are good. For someone who just got home from their trip you sure were busy today. No infighting today, one of the childcare directors is on holidays till Wednesday. LOL

        I'm running out of days to book time off, may have to book full days! LOL I'll check back to see how Lav's day went. Have a good night all....PPQP


          Good evening friends,

          Good day here, no rain. We took Doc back to teh vet for the suture removal. She said Doc has a ‘beautiful tushie’ LOL. We are going to slowly wean him off the special (expensive) food he’s been on. Hopefully this doesn’t recur but if it does now we know where we can get him immediate help. He’s 10 weeks old today & growing like a weed.

          PQ, thanks for jumping in & not leaving me alone haha!
          It sounds like the accountant should stop pretending she wants to work there, right? Geez! Glad your day was quiet.

          Mick, glad you. The rabbits are safely home. You seem to have an overabundance of energy pal. Care to share some? Haha

          Hello to Cyn, Slo & Pie & anyone dropping by.
          Have a good night all!

          AF since 03/26/09
          NF since 05/19/09
          Success comes one day at a time :thumbs:


            Hey Lav...sounds like there was no drama with Doc getting the sutures out. 10 weeks, how big is he going to get? We are getting smoke from the fires in BC and northern Alberta. Mother's day was a hot, 27C/80F but we were smothered in smoke so I stayed inside. We've had fires throughout the winter, who knew that was a thing. They are already evacuating some northern towns. I sure hope we don't have a summer of smoke. I hear you about the accountant. She came in and hung posters for her food trucks coming on Friday and then left. She's a mystery. LOL

            Shout out to everyone else. Have a good night...PPQP


              Hi everybody!!

              Sheesh, long complicated days here. Thanks all for writing about your days, it helps so much to be connected.

              My step-daughter arrived 2 days ago, and is staying with me. So before she arrived, I did a pretty thorough clean and laundry, new sheets, etc. I also have just worked 4 days in a row - and the weekend with Mother's Day was something I hope never to repeat!!!! Lines from the front of the store to the back... endless people, kids screaming, flowers and flowers and more flowers. But I did it! I even did a good job at the cash register, which is my nemesis. But running around for 8 hours... I'm kind of tired.

              Tomorrow is move day for my SD, so I will help her unpack, etc. In the meantime I'll pick up all the bread for the Homeless meals and get it to the cathedral. So everything is remaining interesting and very busy.

              Mick, I echo Lav - Your energy seems to be boundless! Glad that the rabbits did well while you were gone. I hope Julie's dad is doing okay.
              Lav, wow it sounds like Doc is growing up so fast! Good to have that operation over. Also glad that you heard from your son... how is your daughter doing?
              PPQ - less drama at work sounds like a really good thing! So sorry about the smoke... Apparently it is headed to my section of the US as well... I hope it is not a drastic as last summer. Take care!
              SLO - I hope you are well! Anything fun going on? I think maybe you were going to visit a daughter and grandkids? Wishing you well...
              Cheers all - maybe some day my life will calm down, who knows!


                hiya are we doing? hoe all is well .been raining like mad not a lot to be done ....except I took 2 sun deckchairs to the tip..not because it was raining but they were past there sell by .Argyl has a problem with walking so its off to the vet with him tomorrow .when we got him he had already had a previous leg injury ,but it seems to have got worse .better be safe than sorry for the little guy .

                hiya teegee talk about me and energy? you dont do so bad yourself!!a load of screaming kids at the weekend? deep joy!!Julies dad is ok ...seems tireder all the time .and also he is frustrated that he cant do all the things he used to do .

                hiya ppqp are you doing?wow this accountant sounds a belter ..have you still got the smoke from the fires?

                hiya Lav glad the doc is doing ok with his beauty ass !!Yep I spoke too soon about the rabbits .Fingers crossed he has just strained it .trade you some energy for some sunshine .!!have a great afternoon .

                hiya pie ...hope all is well...hope all goes well with the inbound dog .

                big hiya to everyone else.

                Last night I dreamt I had an identical twin.
                This morning when I woke up I was beside myself!​

                My wife says I’m tight!
                So to prove her wrong i took her out for tea and biscuits!
                It was exciting as she’d never given blood before!​


                Police have caught two drivers fighting at at a electric car charging point.
                Neither driver was charged!

                af since the fourth of July 2012...howzat then proudly marching into year 12


                  Greetings everyone,

                  We had an OK day then the rain returned & will stick around for a few days. I have plenty of work to do so I'll just stay inside & get it done! Doc is a happy camper, eating like a beast & getting into things, typical toddler.

                  PQ, I heard on the news last night about the wildfire smoke, sure hope we don't get a repeat of last summer, that was gross. I hope your day was fabulous. There's every possibility Doc could grow to 140 lbs. It's like having another adult in the house with these big dogs haha!

                  Cyn, you & Mick get the top prizes for busyness for sure. Nice you can help your step daughter but please save some energy for yourself.
                  I can imagine the crowds at TJs this past weekend. they do have great flowers. My daughter is fine sent me flowers, she's a good kid.

                  Mick, I sure hope Argyl is OK & maybe it's just a sprain. do they do a lot of jumping? He could have landed the wrong way & sprained something.
                  I'm afraid I have no sun to send your way so please keep your rain Lol

                  Hello to Pie & Slo, hope you are both OK.

                  OK, back to work for me. Have a nice night all!

                  AF since 03/26/09
                  NF since 05/19/09
                  Success comes one day at a time :thumbs:


                    MAE ALL...well, glad this day is over, it was a busy one but nothing like TG's & Mick's. Got the scanner in for our summer camp program then discovered some bugs/changes we're going to have to do, nothing major just more work. I keep thinking I have to be ready for June 1st but really it's July 2nd so packed it in and came home.

                    TG...well you know when to book your holidays next year. LOL You've been very busy as usual and I hope you can find some time to relax with your SD. I'm correct in thinking she has a place that she's going to move into? Or was that someone else? Sometimes it's hard to keep things straight. They are already evacuating some towns in northern Alberta but the smoke we got on the weekend was from BC.

                    Mick...we got a downpour around midnight but it had moved on by morning. Sunny and warm today but the rain shall return later in the week, so sorry I'm keeping whatever sun we get. Sorry to hear about Argyl, glad you can get him in right away. There was no smoke today and with rain in the forecast we may luck out. It really all depends on the jet stream, hopefully it stays north of us. Glad Julie's Dad is ok, I remember my Dad feeling more and more tired.

                    Lav...looks like we'll be joining you with the rain this week. Glad to hear Doc is a happy camper. LOL I hear you about another adult in the house, reminds me of my brother's place. I'll be dog sitting again in July while they celebrate Christmas in July again. I've got that booked off and must get the rest of my time off scheduled. I'm having problems with my feet, I have a nail fungus and the Dr. has prescribed Terbinafine. She was going to prescribe a different one but said it interacts with my steriod, I'll have to keep a watch for yellow eyes/skin as it's hard on my liver. As long as it doesn't make me nauseous I'll be ok.

                    Slo...hope you're getting lots of snuggles with the grandkids, or enjoying whatever it is you're doing.

                    Det...did the package ever arrive. One foot in front of the other.

                    Time for the dreaded "What's for dinner". Have a good night all....PPQP


                      MAE ALL...well here I am again talking to myself. LOL It was a fairly quiet day. Spent my day solving one problem only to create 2 more. LOL It'll all get sorted, creating documentation for parents is about what I've got left.

                      Hope everyone had a good day. See you all tomorrow....PPQP


                        I’ll talk to you PQ, haha!!!

                        We had to make a run to Walmart after dinner, glad that’s done. We had a light drizzle most of the day but it’s stopped now.
                        Not sure what I did all day but the day went by quickly. No rain predicted for tomorrow so maybe I can finally get some plants dug in, yay. Doc is keeping us busy, we’re taking turns with him since he’s got so much energy.

                        PQ, I had to look up the Terbinafine, I know it as the brand name Lamisil. Hope it does the job for you without any side effects. Hope you’re taking it easy after a busy day.

                        Hello to Mick, Cyn, Slo. & Pie.

                        Have a good night all!
                        AF since 03/26/09
                        NF since 05/19/09
                        Success comes one day at a time :thumbs:


                          Hidy ho ABeroooonies!

                          great to see everyone as always. I've gotten fairly settled into Tirana with new sim card and all that jazz.
                          PPQ, never got that package in Montenegro....argh. hopefully they return to sender some day.

                          Made it to a fantastic expat meetup/brunch yesterday and met 5 fellow American expats. wow!

                          Then met with a realtor and had a good meeting regarding my photo work, so we'll see.
                          things move awfully slowly around this part of the world and I'm still adjusting.

                          Yes, boozage is everywhere and it's kind of amusing. It's good that I've lost that compulsion and can see
                          it as a curious parallel universe. I haven't seen a single person staggering around though. Just a lifestyle thing.

                          This is a 'real' city with a strong heartbeat and all kinds of huge veggie markets that have the bushels of nuts, herbs
                          and everything a foodie could dream for. A far cry from the little beach towns in Montenegro that are all about getting
                          money extracted from tourists.

                          hope you all have a great day/night (time zone fun)

                          be well loves.
                          nosce te ipsum
                          (Know Thyself)


                            Hiya all..just thought id post on here. Ive been posting on fb messenger..simply because its easier to get photos on and also conversation. Feeling very weary and tired,not like me really,but i guess that's the way of the has been glorious...up till about 1o mins ago...and now it's chucking it down

                            Hiya det ..long time. Iong time no see.sounds like all is well with you. Well done on the booze front too mate. What are you up to nowadays mate?sounds like you are settled ...good for you

                            Hiya lav how are you doing today then? is Doc ?still in bed getting waited on hand and foot? Whilst looking the part of a coiled spring!!hope you have a good day

                            hiya ppqp hows things with you today then?hope all is good. Any drama at work? Has the rain binned the smoke off?i hope so.poets day tomorrow. Are you still problem solving/making? Take care

                            Hiya teegee pie etc are y'all? Hope all is is the heart dog pie?

                            af since the fourth of July 2012...howzat then proudly marching into year 12


                              MAE ALL...decided to the afternoon off and boss approved it. It's our long weekend turn so boss is taking tomorrow and Tuesday off. Works for me. Have to take the car in Wed morning for a recall notice so won't see the boss until Wed afternoon. There are huge black clouds rolling in and they've forecast a thunderstorm. Hope it's a doozy! Of course son is going to head north this afternoon, he says he'll outrun the storm. I'm giving up worrying about it, what happens, happens. LOL

                     far so good with the Terbinafine as long as I take it with food. The staff is on watch for any yellowing in my eyes/skin. LOL I think that's funny, taking turns with Doc. Sounds like a newborn in the house. Felt so good about getting accomplishing what I did yesterday, took the afternoon off. Now that's relaxing. Just waiting for the storm to arrive.

                     about a positive post. You sound great. Probably all that availability of the bushels of nuts, herbs and everything a foodie could dream for. LOL I always think of you when someone mentions micro-greens. Glad the expat meetup was a success and fingers crossed for a positive outcome from the meeting with the realtor.

                              Mick...I did check into fb messenger when nobody would talk to me. LOL I can see why it's more appealing to you. Aside from being able to upload your photos it's similar to the General Discussion thread you liked. To me it's almost like a chat forum and the majority are on their phones so it works well. It's just too much for me. I'm bombarded all day at work and when I get home I like to be able to see how peoples day went, and "vent" when I need too. I don't have a problem flipping back and forth, have to see those great pics. I think I have most of the problems solved so just need to do some testing tomorrow. With no boss I can do as I please.

                              Shout out to Slo, TG, Sam and the FBM group. Have a good night all....PPQP​