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June 2nd

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    Mae all how are we doing today then? Hope everyone is doing okay. Its pretty blowy here today,sunny and dry.planted up some plants did a few other little jobs and that's about it.felt great earlier on..but then rubbish. Strange

    Hiya ppqp how are you doing? Weekend routine off .answering machine..sorry no one hear. However if you care to leave a message I will ignore it..goodbye.
    In short the answer to all the pickleball questions is ten past 9..i bet they don't ask you twice!!!

    Hiya are you doing today? Yes the Magoo twins can't read the font!!it was lovely and sunny earlier but it has gone very dark now. Been experimenting with steps for Argyl..think we are getting there. So now that yb has broken the ice. Its you and dil next????you up to anything this weekend?

    Hiy everyone else .hope all is well.
    af since the fourth of July 2012...howzat then proudly marching into year 12


      Greetings friends!

      It was humid this morning but the a cold front came in & got rid of that for us. Sitting outside now, breezy & 77 degrees. My hummingbirds seem to have disappeared yet I have two feeders out for them. Not sure what their plans are. I no sooner typed the previous sentence & one showed up haha!

      Mick, half a day’s work right now is plenty. You have to save your energy for the important stuff. I just put a pic on our Messenger group message of all the Philly people roaming around London today. The Phillies are there to play the New York Mets - 2 baseball games. I hope they all behave, LOL (fat chance)!!!

      PQ, sorry your Friday afternoon wasn’t possible, figures. Living with water restrictions is annoying but not impossible. I think people trade in their brains when they purchase their pickleball paddles haha!. I’ve seen my friends move to FL & get involved & get injured too. It’s stupid, but that’s just my opinion.
      YB & his sister parted ways years after she married a Mennonite guy & disappeared into that community. Suddenly she & her husband didn’t ‘approve’ of the way the rest of us were living our lives & raising our Children. I figured good riddance. I don’t need to be judged by them or anyone else. We’ll see what happens.
      I’ll be ready to forgive my DIL & welcome her back into the family as soon as she apologizes for being so unnecessarily mean & nasty with us - it’s that simple & I can wait!

      Hello to everyone else & wishing a good night for all!
      AF since 03/26/09
      NF since 05/19/09
      Success comes one day at a time :thumbs:


        MAE ALL...well that was the longest, physical week I've ever put in. No events at the centre tonight and weekend staff/boss can deal with Saturday. I don't think he'd have the nerve to phone me.

        Mick...I agree with Lav, don't be pushing yourself. I remember when I got out of the hospital after the first collapsed lung episode and 2 weeks of doing nothing. Felt great, went to the grocery store, as there was nothing in the house, and had to sit and rest before I could haul the groceries to the car. Love the answering message...if you care to leave a message, I'll ignore it. LOL Had to check my urban dictionary on the ten past 9 meaning, Haha you're right.

        Lav...glad the humidity didn't stick around. 77 sounds pretty good to me. Funny that the minute you mentioned no hummingbirds one shows up. Just like a kid, make a liar out of you. I'll have to check out the pic on messenger. Your pickleball opinion is the same as mine. Thanks for the explanation on YB and his sister, I'd say good riddance too. Wonder why she wanted to reunite, at least I'm assuming she made the first move. As for your DIL, you're a better woman than me, I will never forgive my ex. I let go of any regrets or resentments a long time ago, he just doesn't take up any space in my mind anymore. LOL

        Hope everyone else is doing ok or reaching out on messenger if needed. I miss the comradery we all had. Have a good night...PPQP


          mae are we doing today? hope all is well.Feeling better today ,still got the cough and blocked nose but apart from that not too bad .and guess what ...Julie tested pos for covid this morning .....strangely enough she says she has got it from me .Raining this morning ,but its supposed to clear up .I tested pos ...but its very faint so next couple of days should be neg .

          hiya are you doing today? hope all is good I wont be pushing myself ..what are you up to over the weekend?whatever it is ..have a good one .

          hiya Lav what are you up to then? clipping Docs nails?wish we got humming birds over here .we arent doing too much today....surprised? hope you have a good one ..

          hello everyone else ..hope you are all well out there...
          af since the fourth of July 2012...howzat then proudly marching into year 12


            PQ, sorry you had such a physically demanding week at work! That is hard to handle at our ages, and with our physical limitations. Such a relief to hear that you can keep your condo! Scary to have to live with water limitations when we are so used to just turning on the faucet. But, an excuse to put off laundry! And, now that they found the problem, hopefully it will be resolved soon.

            I bit the bullet and sold my condo. It went fast and in a whirlwind, and I feel like it undersold and that I was manipulated at several turns by my real estate agent. She got a quick, sure sale out of it with minimal effort, while I lost out on the profit that I feel this very special property could have commanded. Ugh!!! A once-in-a-lifetime lost opportunity! It’s over anyways, and I close on this one on July 23rd, and close on my next condo on June 24th.

            Mick, I suppose it was inevitable that Julie would be the next one to get COVID. No wonder you have been feeling low-energy. Thankful you are on the mend.That’s funny that Julie mistook a 94 y/o for someone in their 50s! If only we could all be that healthy at that age.

            Lav, interesting that YB’s sister married a Mennonite. That’s practically Amish!

            I have been just crying in pain over this foot pain. Taking that 10-12 minute walk with my daughter was a painful mistake. But, my practitioner has found a new way to help (now that they believe how much pain I’m in!). He is targeting nerves higher up in my pelvis to treat the foot pain, and it is definitely helping.

            Young Daughter is here!! I love it when she comes home.

            Hello to TG and everyone!
            Once a pickle, never a cucumber again.


              Greetings friends,

              We had a real nice day here, sunny & not humid, currently 77 degrees again. Looks like I’ll be getting a visit from my grandsons tomorrow. They called & asked to come over, they must have known I was thinking about them. They should be finished school by the 10th I think. I have no idea how they plan to stay busy all summer. I know the oldest is looking for a real job, haha. I may put them to work outside then pay them with a pizza for lunch haha!

              PQ, glad your week is finally over, geez, enough!!! I’m not really sure what’s going on with YB’s sister except I think her reaching out may have possibly been suggested by her therapist. YB & his siblings all need (needed) therapy, no kidding. As far as our DIL goes, it’s pretty clear her bipolar is in super high gear. If she could tamp it down a bit & let someone else get a word in it would be nice. I know it’s not happening anytime soon. For now I’m just steering clear of her.

              Mick, no nails were clipped here today haha!! I watched some of the London baseball game this afternoon, Phillies kicked butt LOL
              Sorry Julie has tested. +, kinda knew it would happen at some point. Hope she feels better soon, you too!

              Slo, glad to see you back. You sure have had a lot going on lately. Sounds like your realtor wasn’t looking out for you & your best interests. Sorry about that. I guess you’re packing, settlements will be here before you know it. Good to hear you’re getting some more effective therapy. No one wants to deal with chronic pain & shouldn’t have to either. Enjoy your time with your daughter, that always helps.

              Hello to the rest of the crew & wishing a nice night for all.
              AF since 03/26/09
              NF since 05/19/09
              Success comes one day at a time :thumbs: