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21st April

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    Good evening everyone,

    Mick, I’m so sorry to hear your news. Things really do come at us all at once. I hope Julie’s trip to the doctor gave her some answers & comfort. It sounds like the staffing in your emergency room is poor. Your father-in-law has been a regular there for some time now, someone should have been there to assist him. Sorry about all that. Hospitals & ERs are all messed up post Covid. It’s going to take some time to bring things back to pre-covid standards. I know you were looking forward to your trip, don’t give up on it yet, you never know.

    Slo, good to see you. Having company is nice if it’s the ‘right company’, I get that.
    Maybe this shoe will turn out better than the other one did, hope so anyway. We haven’t gotten any updates on our Amish friend yet today, can’t stop thinking about him.

    PQ. Good for you having another AF day, haha! You definitely should schedule yourself a little vacation. We all need peace & quiet to clear our minds from time to time.
    So, not even 24 hrs after telling YB that I’m waiting until Sunday to put my plants in, what does he do? He dug in 2 of my plants this morning, UGH. I realize he’s just trying to be helpful but it’s obvious he doesn’t hear a damn thing I say, LOL. I will cover them up each night until Sunday I guess.

    Hello to Cyn & Pie.

    Have a good night all!
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    Success comes one day at a time :thumbs:


      MAE ALL...Well the day started out with an explosion of people calling to register for pickleball, buy memberships, pay for their garden plots and craft sale tables. One after another and a few at the counter, the boss took those one. Then the boss sent an email that the toner cartridge needed replacing in the photo copier, I've been waiting 4 months for it to finally empty, I can't open the drawer manually, it has to do it itself. LOL While I was changing the toner the account came up and said here's the documents, I took the slip. I said, you took that out of mail slot? She said ya. I said well give it back, I'm not ready to give it to you yet. I thought How Dare She help herself to my stuff. Put me in a right bad mood for hours!!! She only worked 1/2 a day and never did deal with any of the slips I put in her mail slot. Rant over.

      Slo...good to see your post. Thanks for the "rocket" explanation. (oooh, I see there's more emojis available, YAY) Nice that you had company, your friend sounds like my sister, could only take her is short bursts. If the moon leaving doesn't perk you up, having your friend gone should make a difference. LOL Yes, boss has caused a lot of extra work but it's always crazy at this time because the pickle ballers come out of hibernation. LOL Need to deal with a couple of things and then will forward my email to the boss for a couple of days. That'll open his eyes. As TG would say...sending positive vibes for a successful cobbler.

      Mick...and I thought I had stress! Wow, you two went through sh*t! I'm glad the doctor went ape! at least someone was listening to her. I hear you about being glad you don't drink! No apologies needed for not feeling like chatting. Just getting the rant written down always helped me. Hang in there. Hope you get good news all around and can head out on your vaca, even if it may be a little delayed.

      Lav...had to laugh about YB, you're they just don't listen. I'm sure they'll be fine if you cover them, you're not living where I am. Just like our childcare parents don't read. Half of them tried to log onto the old system and couldn't figure out why they couldn't register their kids. The director has been your Apr 12 email again and follow the very detailed directions. I think we had 45 more families sign up today. LOL After a 60F day we are going to wake up to snow tomorrow. Geez.

      Waves to TG and Pi. Have a great night all....PPQP


        Mae all how are we today then? hope all is good ..went out with the camera first thing this morning ...mind you I slept like a log last night ..was asleep for 9pm .and even that was with nodding off during the day .Julie is ok today had to go for more blood tests this morning ...and her dad is coping a bit better today .so fingers crossed we will get away .the weather is lovely here today ..if its like this for the holiday then it will be great .I need to fill the van up will take about 50 litres to top it off . I can either go down to costco and save 6p a litre and get stuck in all the school traffic and the queue or pay the extra per litre and fill up on the morning .sometimes saving brass isnt everything ...although ..went to a thrift shop yesterday ..a pair of nike training shoes not even been worn buy would be 57.95 ..I got them for 8. bargain ,.We are just packing the van up now ...catching up on what should have been done yesterday .Almost done now is everyone ...? will nip in after I ve got this lot sorted out ..
        af since the fourth of July 2012...howzat then proudly marching into year 12


          Happy Friday evening kids

          Nice day here, just wish the allergens would go somewhere else. Stop in a few stores & the Vet office to pick up new meds for the dog. She’s now getting the same ace inhibitor YB took for years for his hypertension, haha. Hopefully thi swill stop her from spilling protein in her urine (gross I know). Looking forward to getting my baby plants planted this weekend.

          Mick, sounds like you’re back in control of things, great. I hope everything is OK with Julie & your FIL & you guys have a relaxing trip. I’m with you, sometimes getting the vehicle fueled up without you losing your mind is worth a few extra cents.nice find on the shoes, yo’re a good shopper!

          PQ, I read your post & the first thing that came to my mind was - I’d be slipping a mouse trap into the accountant’s mail slot, LOL Apparently she is a chronic pain in the A$$.
          I don’t know why I still bother to speak at home when I KNOW my words are hitting a brick wall, no kidding. Nearly 51 years of this & nothing has changed.I sure hope that snow prediction was totally wrong, geez. Have a good weekend!

          Cyn, hope you are well. I heard about tornadoes in Nebraska today, hopefully no where near you!

          Slo, what are you up to? Any weekend plans? We have none of course haha!

          Hello to Pie, what’s up?

          have a nice night all!
          AF since 03/26/09
          NF since 05/19/09
          Success comes one day at a time :thumbs:


            MAE ALL...had a really good day at work today, despite the accountant being in. She was in some mood! It was payroll day today and you could hear her and the boss shouting from my office. Last thing I heard him say to her was you're on some kind of terror today! No pickleball callers, actually only had 2 phone calls all day. Nobody stopping in out of the blue. Got my new booking procedure almost finished. As I worked through it I kept going into the bosses office to clarify things that didn't make sense. At 3:30pm boss walked by while the childcare director was sitting in my office and I said Doug I have a question. He comes in and says is it a hard one? It's 3:30 on a Friday. Asked my question, argued his response, he agreed that it needed work. But for now shut it down. In fact shut it down and go home. I was out of there in a shot! LOL

            Mick...and good news on your day as well. Congrats on sleeping like a log, you really needed it. Nice that the weather was good for you to get out with the camera this morning. Glad Julie is doing ok and I hope the blood work comes back ok. Sounds like you just might be able to head out on Sunday. sometimes saving brass isnt everything never thought I'd hear those words come out of your mouth. LOL But you're absolutely right. Now getting the $57.95 nike's for $8 is more what I expect. Sending positive vibes...

            Lav...just thought I'd check to see if you posted while I was typing and yup, there you were. There was no snow this morning! Actually it had just stopped raining. So it was a grey overcast day with temp only around 48F but that was ok, there was no snow. LOL Hopefully the new meds will help the dog. I'm trying to hold the gardener's off until at least next weekend. We want to organize a prep day, give the new comers the chance to have a quick orientation. At least the accountant was a chronic pain in the a$$ for the boss today and not me. It might be scary if YB actually started listening to you. Haha Just got a call from my brother and he's invited over tomorrow afternoon. They've got a couple of the grandkids for the day so it'll be nice to catch up with everyone. Enjoy planting this weekend.

            Waves to TG, Slo, Pi. Have a good night all....PPQP


              Hello, everyone and how are we today? Hope everyone is doing okay. Julie seems ok today, And also no reports from the care home about her dad, However she is going up to see him this afternoon. I took the rabbits down to their holiday home this morning, With the thinking that we are still going hopefully that's the case, Apologies for any grammatical punctuation errors on here.I am doing it on the talking pconfirm.The one doesn't understand scottish.
              I pricked out the last of my plants this morning.Detroit, beetroothese ones are so now.In the seedlings in the greenhouse. I also scarified both the front and back grass and put some grass seed down while .The rabbits aren't here. We set out tomorrow morning at about 10 AM. The first part of the journey is only about 3 hours long. And we are stopping there overnight. It doesn't usually bother me going away. And the preparation is just something that has to be honest this time. I am really looking forward to getting away.. The weather doesn't look like brilliant when we're away.But it's the break that counts.There are quite a few sunny days but there is also the rain as well. Hope everyone's weekend is going fine. Take care look after yourselves and I'll put some photos up over the holiday period
              af since the fourth of July 2012...howzat then proudly marching into year 12


                Hi all,

                I am just so depressed. I need to snap out of it. My foot hurts when I walk, so, hard to do much. I am lonely, and I am sad that I tossed my marriage even though it wasn’t at all good. I maybe should’ve kept the family together. Except I didn’t like being treated like that! Gotta let that go. And I am scared for my future with my physical problems.
                Thanks for letting me vent that out.

                Tomorrow D1 is coming down with the three kids to bring their big dog down for her dad to babysit, while they get their carpets cleaned. I will get some time with them in the morning at a park. Rain is in the forecast though.

                It is just crazy windy here today! And I live in a wind tunnel.

                PQ, Boss didn’t want to problem-solve with you, so you got an early start to the weekend! Way to go! He was probably worn out from dealing with the accountant.

                Mick, thankfully you can probably get away after all. You sound ready to switch it up and change the scenery.

                Lav, sorry for the frustration that YB doesn’t listen and understand. Maybe his heart was in the right place anyways…trying to help you. It is warm here today finally, so sending it your way!

                TG must be in the thick of her new project to help move the elder cousin.

                Wishing you all a good weekend.

                Once a pickle, never a cucumber again.


                  Saturday greetings friends,

                  All clouds today with temps in the 50's, not very springlike but better days are promised. I'm kinda achy all over so working outside was off the plan today. I made a batch of multigrain English muffins that I think even Mick would like, Lol

                  PQ, glad to hear the snow never arrived, it is almost May, right? I hope you enjoyed your visit with your brother & his grandkids, sounds like fun & a whole lot better than dealing with work BS, haha!!!

                  Mick, fingers crossed for you, hope your trip goes off as planned.
                  I've just realized I haven't had a break since I went to Ontario with my daughter & her family several years ago. No wonder I feel so stuck in one place, geez. hope the weather holds up for you guys & you get to see & do lots!

                  Slo, I'm sorry you're feeling down. Life's BS seems to really pile on & it's harder to 'get over' stuff as we get a little older. I really hope you can find some comfort with your foot issue so you can get back out in society a little. We always feel better emotionally when we can comfortably come & go as we please. Try not to second guess your decisions, you couldn't have changed things. I know this to be true myself. It takes Two in a relationship to make things work. When one partner is not actively participating, nothing changes. You have a lot of future ahead of you with all your daughters & their kids. There's so much to look forward to, really. Hang in there, change is coming.

                  Cyn, hoping those tornadoes missed you this week. I've seen many news reports about them, scary.

                  Pie, hope you are well.

                  Have a nice night all!

                  AF since 03/26/09
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                  Success comes one day at a time :thumbs:


                    MAE ALL...

                    Mick...I hope Julie found her Dad doing well. I'm glad you're thinking positive and took the rabbits to the hotel. I hope the rain stays at home, gets that grass seed germinating, and that you have mostly sunny days for your photography. Regardless, you are right, it's the break that counts.

                    Slo...sorry you're feeling depressed and having second thoughts about your marriage. You know it's because of the foot pain making you feel incapacitated. I always remember feeling so lonely in my marriage. I would never go back to that. Regardless of the rain, a change and seeing D1 and the grandkids will help with your mood. Vent away, I know I do.

                    Lav...I've been achy all over too but it didn't stop me from going to my brothers. I had a great time and the visit ended up being 3 hrs. It was nice to have a change in my routine. On mu\y way home I drove past work and lo and behold there were 2 guys playing tennis on our courts. The courts don't open till May 1st, there is no gate codes set to get into them, and they're surrounded by 15ft mesh fencing. So when I got home I texted the boss and asked him if he allowed them to play. Of course not, got the staff person on site to kick them out and wondered how they'd gotten in. I just texted back good luck and turned off my phone. LOL

                    I'm actually going to start the BBQ for the fist time and grill up some steaks, before the thunderstorms arrive. Have a good night all...PPQP